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8 Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas for the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, maybe you’ve run out of time to buy a gift or you’ve forgotten about an important occasion. Fortunately, 3D printed gift ideas are more widely available than ever before. When it comes to buying or producing 3D printed gifts, you can choose from an unprecedented range of products. A great advantage is that 3D printed gifts are often affordable and durable.

With 3D printed gifts, you can still have something to give to your friend, loved one, or colleague on their special day. You’ll find many guidelines and templates for printing a wide variety of items online. As long as you have 3D printing materials at hand, you can create a great gift in no time.

1. Games

Many templates for 3D printed game ideas are available online. For example, if you’re looking for a straightforward idea, why not print a 3D dice. Alternatively, a 3D printed chessboard and pieces will be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a more challenging hobby.

2. Toys

There are countless 3D printed toy designs available for toys and figures from films and other popular TV shows. The Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars series is a particular favourite. Even if the person celebrating their birthday or other special occasion isn’t a Star Wars fan, you’re sure to find a template to create something better suited to their taste.

3. Shoes and accessories

Items of clothing and jewellery can also be produced with 3D printing materials. The fact that you can customize every design to meet your needs means you can come up with the perfect size of shoes for your gift recipient. You can choose from a wide range of template shoe designs online, meaning you’ll find something for everyone. Alternatively, try printing a fashion accessory to give as a gift. You could choose a simple bracelet, a necklace, or a keyring.

4. Shoe ties

A new 3D printed gift design is shoe ties, which can be used to tie your shoes instead of laces. The tie retains its tension throughout its use, meaning that you no longer need to tie your shoes. This makes it an ideal gift for children. In addition, it can be a cool fashion statement for anyone who likes a unique look.

5. Cookie cutters

The great thing about giving 3D cookie cutters as a present is that you can come up with whatever shape you like. If you’re just looking for a simple design, you’ll probably find templates online that will meet your needs, such as cake cutters and circular cookie cutters. But if you know that the person receiving the gift enjoys something in particular, like a sport, cartoon character, or hobby, you can tailor your design so the cutters have a personal touch.

6. Decorations

Simple decorations can also be created with a 3D printer. If you’re creating gifts for a specific occasion, you can produce stars, balls, and other shapes to decorate furniture, Christmas trees, or the walls in a room. Alternatively, you may want to make vases, picture frames, or candle holders if you need general decorations for your home or office.

7. Kitchen utensils

3D printing materials are well-suited to creating some common kitchen utensils. Why not surprise someone with a modern-looking cutting board, or a set of cups or knives. There are also several simple 3D design projects you can attempt for things like bottle openers and spatulas.

While 3D printed kitchen utensils can be used just like regular versions, you should also pay attention to some basic safety requirements while creating your gift. Keep in mind that these printers use metals and other materials that can be harmful if you inhale them. You’ll therefore want to work on your project in a well-ventilated area. When the gift is finished, you’ll probably need to leave it for a while to cool down, since 3D printers can get very hot.

8. Custom gift ideas

With 3D printing, you can customize each design to meet your needs. Perhaps you’d like to print someone’s name or a special message on the gift, or you might want to make it in a different size. By using 3D printing software, your options for customizing designs to meet your needs are virtually endless. Just make sure you leave enough time for the printing process, which will take longer if your gift is complicated to produce.

Many of the gift ideas already mentioned are relatively straightforward to prepare, especially if you’re using a template available online. There are some more challenging gifts you can create if you enjoy doing crafts or building your own items. Examples of more complicated 3D gifts include watches and drones. For gifts like these, you need to print out several different parts of your chosen item, then fit them together manually to create the final product. It’s probably better to only customize the 3D printing gift ideas if you have a bit of time before you give the present.

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