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4 Top Erotic Massage Tips For Men

An erotic massage is the best way to begin a sensual night at home together. Make sure you get off to the right start with these 4 Top Erotics Massage Tips.

1. Foreplay Always Matters

Sure, you may consider an erotic massage part of foreplay, but to really make her truly ready for a night of sensual pleasure, you have to give her a little massage foreplay. Start early in the day with texts, emails, and innuendos to help ramp up the anticipation. Let her know what she is in store for tonight. When you see each other, flirt and touch like crazy. When the time comes for the erotic massage, she’ll be ready for anything.

2. Start Off Strong

Instead of working into your next erotic massage, try going in strong and hitting her hot spots quickly. The point is to get her motor running and keep it going through the whole erotic massage. Pay attention to erotic triggers like her inner thighs and her breasts, but don’t forget, there are sensual zones all over her body. Caress her from finger to toe and everything in between. Show her that this is going to be a magical ride from the start.

3. Wet and Wild Fun

As in many sensual and erotic acts, lube can raise the heat of your massage to unbelievable levels. Use this chance to break out of your normal rut. Forget your normal go-to moves and experiment with new ideas, games, and even videos. You want this to be a night she won’t forget, so give her something more than the usual. There are also a number of toys and other items that are made specifically for erotic Sensual Massage Toronto.

4. Enjoy All Of Her

Above all, make you enjoy every single bit her gorgeous body. You love her and love her body, use this chance to show that appreciation. Don’t only focus on areas such s breasts, but remember she has a whole body that doesn’t get touched often. Use the lube to gently rub her arms, down the center of her back, and everywhere else. If you do things correctly, you may not make it to her whole body, but she’ll love this night of sensual fun all the same.

Remember, you are here to make her happy tonight. Give her everything you’ve got and she’ll reward you with everything she has.

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