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5 Signs You Need Physiotherapy Services

Many people have heard of physiotherapy, but may not know what it is or how it could benefit them. There are a few obvious signs that will let you know just how you would benefit from physiotherapy and that it’s time to find an expert to give you the care you need.

1. You’re constantly in Pain

It’s normal to suffer some pain when you have been injured, but if you are suffering from chronic pain that just won’t heal, you will want to consider your treatment options. Instead of taking pain-relieving medication for the rest of your life, when you work with a physiotherapist, they can help relieve your pain through massage, exercises, and even manipulation.

2. It’s Getting Harder to Move Around

As you age you will lose some of the flexibility that you enjoyed when you were younger, but if you can’t touch your toes or move around without pain or difficulty, then it’s time to get professional help. A great physiotherapist can help you by giving you exercises and stretches to perform, helping the muscles relax and strengthening the supportive tissue.

3. You Lose Your Balance

Problems with your inner ear can result in balance problems. There is actually a common treatment used in physiotherapy that will address and treat dizziness, balance problems, and vertigo that are common with issues with the inner ear. By compensating for the inner ear problem, you can potentially avoid surgery.

4. Old Injuries Keep Flaring Up

It is very frustrating to continue to suffer from an old injury, but when yours keeps flaring up, that is a sign that you may not have allowed your body to heal correctly and completely, or that you are exacerbating an old problem. Not only does physiotherapy address new health problems you may have, but it also can treat problems related to past issues.

5. You’re Not Sleeping Well

Your sleep quality is a great indicator of your overall health, and when you’re not sleeping well, that’s a clear sign that something is going on in your body and you need to address it. Chronic back pain can easily prevent you from sleeping well and then cause you to suffer the next morning because you are stiff and unable to move the way you need to.

It’s time to find out how Brampton physiotherapy can help you with these as well as other issues. Instead of living with constant pain and not feeling great from day to day, when you work with an expert, you can easily address a number of health issues. Being able to avoid medication or surgery inspires many people to call a physiotherapist for help, but any of these issues should have you reaching for the phone.

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