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7 Best 80s House Exterior Makeover Ideas

The 1980s was a great decade that gave us the first space shuttle launch, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Rubik’s cube, and home design trends brought out bold, bright colours that the yuppies adored.

While many of these houses still stand today, the look of their exteriors has lost its lustre, and they desperately need an update. If you own an ’80s house and want to bring it back to life, here are some great 80s house exterior makeover ideas you can implement.

Idea #1: Front Entrance

Your front entrance is the gateway into your home and sets the tone for colour and design. If your 80s house has a forgettable front entrance, why not transform it by adding a portico roof?

Porticos have covered porch entrances in ancient Greece with a roof, open sides and columns that supported them. Adding a porch is fairly inexpensive and dramatically changes your home. It also allows for coverage from the weather while giving you an upscale look simultaneously.

Idea #2: Door

Your front entrance also includes a door, and while a nice wood or glass door was trendy in the 80s, your makeover should include a new one.

A craftsman front door looks timeless and stunning; you can paint it any colour. A modern door with stained glass transforms the front entrance as well. If you want to nod to the homesteads of the past, opt for a double-hung barn door so you can open the top of the door while keeping the bottom shut to enjoy the breeze and make it look charming. At the very least, you should repaint your door and trim to give it a fresh update.

Idea #3: Roof

Modern roofs are made to last 25-50 years; for an 80s house, if it hasn’t already been replaced once, it is time. Sometimes a makeover is as much about updating the look as it replaces something worn out, so look at your roof and see if it’s time.

New roofing options give you lots to consider including:

  • Shingles – Asphalt, composite or fibreglass
  • Metal
  • Clay tiles
  • Wood shingles
  • Slate
  • Solar shingles

A new roof stands out from the street and can transform a house almost overnight. While it comes with a bigger price tag, it will set you up for the next 3-5 decades and make your place look amazing.

Idea #4: Outdoor Paint

Painting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to makeover a house. This is the ultimate DIY project, and as long as you have a few supplies and a warm, dry day, you can transform your home pretty fast.

Bolder colours may be on your 80s home, but today it is all about white, grey, black and muted tones. White outdoor paint stands out and looks bright and clean, and you can accent it with a splash of colour on the trim and your front door.

Black also works with a lighter trim, and muted tones give a soft, subdued feel. Think of nature and match it with greens, grays, browns and blues. The best thing about paint is you can go over it, so it is never permanent, just in case you want a new hue.

Idea #5: Siding

While brick was popular in the 70s, wood was the siding choice of the 80s. Among the popular type was hardboard, a wood fibre product that people used because it was cheap. Giving your siding a makeover opens up lots of choices now, including:

  • Modern wood siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Smart panel
  • Hardie plank

Putting on new siding wakes your home and attaches the modern feel you seek.

Idea #6: Landscaping

No exterior home makeover is complete without transforming the front yard. Changing the landscaping gives you instant curb appeal, and even if you only paint your house and add some shrubbery, it is enough to bounce you forward from the 80s to today.

Consider fresh greenery and flowers at the front entrance. This makes the home more inviting. Redo the lawn so you have beautiful grass, and consider tiering the yard if there is a slope. Planters and window boxes can adorn windows and entryways, and a little pond with running water is a beautiful focal point.

Idea #7: Back Yard

Your house exterior includes the backyard, and if it needs an update, spend some money here.

Entertaining is made better when you have a big deck and outdoor kitchen. If you have the space, add a fire pit with some Adirondack or Muskoka chairs surrounding it. You can also put an herb garden off the kitchen and a small plot or raised beds to grow garden veggies over the summer. If you build a backyard oasis, you will go outside more often and get your nature on.

An 80s house had lived for decades and sheltered a family or two before you arrived, so make sure to love it. If you want to make exterior changes, consider these makeover ideas and bring your middle-aged home into the 21st century.

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