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4 Pet Peeves that Frustrate Movers

As you prepare for a big move to a new home or office, you have plenty to plan for and do before the day arrives. It is easy to forget something or to skip a step without telling the moving company in advance. Although small slips of that type can happen to anyone, any major change of plans should be coordinated with the movers before the scheduled date. Here are some things to avoid to keep the moving crew updated and productive.

1. Being Unprepared

On moving day, it is important to be ready as planned when the mover and crew arrive. If you sleep in, don’t have boxed packed, and furniture is not ready to go due to holding toys, magazines, and other non-essentials, the moving team’s schedule will be delayed. This can cost money from the next customer who now has to wait, and he or she may become irate, costing the company a good review. Keep the movers’ needs in mind when preparing for moving day.

2. Getting Delayed or Sidetracked

Avoid being sidetracked by unnecessary chats with friends or neighbors while the movers are loading or unloading your household belongings. They may need to ask a question or confirm pre-planned details, so it is important to be available while they work.

3. Having a Cluttered Home

Moving a home’s furnishings leaves things in disarray, there is no doubt. But it is essential to organize furniture as neatly as possible to provide ready access to the movers as they load the truck or unpack at the new destination. Crumpled throw rugs, scattered toys, and piles of papers or magazines can get in the way when a mover has to get in and out of an area quickly. Clear the space around each item to be moved so the crew can access everything they need to take. You might be interested in learning more at the Hudson Movers website.

4. Failure to Remove Distractions

Wandering pets, scampering kids, and a blaring television can distract movers from their job. Arguing adults or nosy neighbors can also get in the way of an efficient moving process. Think ahead to remove these potential problems to ensure the move proceeds smoothly.

While moving to a new location represents the start of a new life in some ways, it can be stressful as well as exciting. Plan how to make everything run smoothly on the day the moving team arrives. Consider the job from their perspective, and you will probably be able to arrange things conveniently and avoid potential pitfalls or setbacks.

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