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7 Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

Small homes can be affordable and cozy. But they can also be challenging when it comes to living space and storage space, especially if your family is growing.

But just because your small home now feels a little too small doesn’t mean you have to move to a different house. A remodelling project could be all you need to make the most of your home.

Do you need some inspiration to help you get started on the planning stages of your project? Here are seven room addition ideas for small homes:

Idea #1: Modify an existing space

One of the easiest projects you could embark on is renovating an existing space you might not currently be making the most of. For example, your home might have an empty attic, an unfinished basement, or a garage that is too large for your car.

You can add a new room to your home, or perhaps even more than one new room, by finishing these unused spaces and transforming them.

Your attic could become the master bedroom, your basement could become a game room that features a new bathroom, and a part of your garage could be converted into a home office.

Idea #2: Expand your living room with a sunroom

Do you enjoy basking in the sun, even during the winter? If so, you should consider adding a sunroom to your small home.

A sunroom could expand your living room or replace it entirely. You could also turn a sunroom into a dining room, a playroom for your kids, or a fancy reading nook.

Many of the room addition ideas presented in this list, including building a sunroom, can be done on your own if you are handy. However, hiring home builders might be a better idea, especially if you are not used to working with tools.

Plus, don’t forget that you might need to get a building permit, depending on your project.

Idea #3: Build a convenient mudroom

A mudroom is a convenient space where the whole family can take off their coats and muddy boots or shoes as they enter their home. A mudroom helps keep your floors clean, and it’s a perfect space to organize everyone’s coats, boots, and winter wear.

A mudroom is often located close to the laundry room, or it can be a part of the laundry room itself. But if you are looking to add a mudroom to your small home, it could be a good idea to create it by enclosing a part of your front or back porch.

Just plan some windows on your mudroom design to let more natural light enter your home.

Idea #4: Use the space under a staircase

If your small home features a staircase, you could transform the unused space underneath into a new room.

Of course, you won’t be able to fit a large bedroom under your stairs, but you could build a small powder room, a small laundry room, a storage room, a workspace, or perhaps just a small playroom for your kids.

However, if you want to turn this space into a powder room or a laundry space, your project will require more work. You can’t install a functional toilet, sink or washing machine just anywhere in your home without serious remodelling!

Idea #5: Get a bump-out addition

A bump-out addition is a great way to add a small room to your home or increase the square footage of any room.

A bump-out is an affordable addition, and even though it won’t add as much space to your small home as if you were building a new room from scratch, it will still make a big difference.

The best thing about bump-outs is that it’s easy for a contractor to make them look like they had always been a part of your house.

Idea #6: Build a new room on top of your garage

Building a new room on top of your garage is another great idea, and it will be even more simple if your garage currently has a flat roof. You will have to get that flat roof turned into a floor, then build new walls and a new roof.

This new space can become a bedroom, a guest room, a living room, or anything you like.

Of course, this new room will need electricity, maybe some plumbing, and a way to access it from inside your home.

Idea #7: Add a second story to your home

If you don’t have a garage or don’t want to build on top of it, you could build up by adding a second story to your small home.

This new story could become the master bedroom and bathroom or a large living room. This is an extensive remodelling project, but it could double the square footage of your small home.

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