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5 Types of Promotional Gifts That Will Impress Your Clients

Every business is looking for ways to increase their customer base and make prospective buyers repeat and loyal customers. To do this, you have to place your brand in the mind of your customers. One of the best ways to stay in front of your customers is through promotional products. Here are some promotional gift ideas that will make a positive impact on clients and prospects.

1. Clothing

When it comes to quality promotional products, you can’t get it wrong with branded apparel. Regardless of your target market, there’s something that will grab the attention of your clients. If you have a list of executives you want to impress, then golf shirts or polos will be perfect. For field workers, get quality, branded baseball caps or beanies for them. T-shirts and sweatshirts are other great promotional products. No matter your choice, remember that quality matters. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, it is no surprise that apparel is a top choice for companies.

2. Tech Gadgets

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives that we can’t go a day without it. Tech gadgets and devices, no matter how small, has helped reduce the stress in the corporate world. A small device like a USB charger can make a difference. When it comes to choosing the right tech device to gift your clients, consider their daily lives. Are your clients seasoned travellers? If so, a universal travel adapter might come in handy. If you deal with young professionals, a Bluetooth speaker may be a better choice. There are many options to choose from. Choose promotional products that appeal to your clientele.

3. Personal Organizers

Everyone needs a way to stay organized in the corporate world, and if you are looking for promotional gift ideas that will impress your clients, personal organizers may go over well. Items to consider include notebooks, desk calendars or personal planners. A branded office desk calendar is something anyone can use. The possibilities are endless. Creativity is the key here. You may be interested in the resources available at the Brandability website.

4. Custom Drinkware

In the workplace, coffee is critical. Virtually every working-class individual needs some form of caffeine to stay productive all day long. You can tap into this and gift branded coffee mugs. Other options you may want to consider include water bottles, cups, tumblers, and glassware. Regardless of your budget, you will find promotional drinkware that fits. For the executives, consider an insulated metal water bottle. If you’re on a tight budget, plastic to-go drinking cups with a lid and straw will be perfect. One of the reasons why drinkware is a great promotional product is that it is reusable. In addition to that, clients can take it with them anywhere.

5. Desk Items

You can never go wrong with desk items. Every professional in the corporate world needs them. Whether it’s a fun little puzzle or a paperweight, desk items put your brand in front of your clients. Some ideas include clocks, cell phone stands, desk planters, letter opener, and pens, just to name a few.

Whatever promotional products you choose, think about the daily lives of your clientele.

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