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5 Signs of a Trustworthy Locksmith

If you find yourself in need of a locksmith, it may mean that you’re in a pretty uncomfortable position. You’ve either locked yourself out of your home, car, or business—or, you need to change your locks for safety reasons. Maybe you’ve experienced a break-in or lost your keys in a public place. When it’s time to call a locksmith service, you’re probably feeling worried, frightened, or stressed out. You want to be sure to choose a professional that can provide fast, reliable service. The last thing you need is a further headache! Here are five signs that indicate a locksmith service is trustworthy:

1. A local, physical storefront

Any lock service you think about calling should have a tangible storefront in your local vicinity. Unfortunately, there are many lock services advertised on the Internet that claim to be located in a place where they are not. Some stores that claim to be local often have several online listings under various names. When you call one of these services, each phone number is routed to one central phone number in a city that is nowhere near yours. Frequently, the person who answers the phone cannot answer basic questions. This should be an immediate red flag.

2. Free estimates

A trustworthy lock service should offer free estimates for all expected labor costs and replacement parts needed before any work begins. There should never be extra or hidden fees tacked on after the work is done. Be wary of any service provider that charges a fee just to conduct an estimate—this is a sure sign of a scam.

3. Quick arrival time

A top-notch lock service will have a whole squadron of Toronto locksmith available around the clock. They should be able to respond quickly in emergency situations. It’s important to know that your technician will arrive fast because sometimes you need a lock fixed or replaced in a hurry. Or, if you’re stranded outside, you don’t want to be waiting around all day or night for someone to show up.

4. A solid reputation and track record

The best lock services will have a great public reputation, and gain a lot of their business through word-of-mouth. If you don’t have a recommendation from a friend or family member, start by researching lock services online. Read the reviews, check for a physical location, and talk to someone on the phone to ensure that they’re knowledgeable.

5. Services you need

When researching lock services, check to see if the exact service you require is offered by the provider. For instance, if you need top of the line security locks for your business, look for a commercial locksmith rather than a residential one.

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