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10 Physiotherapy Services That Can Enhance Your Life

To understand the value of physiotherapy services, you have to first define physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a wellness practice that uses exercise therapy and other medical techniques to improve muscle and joint functioning. The exercises and methods featured in such services have been scientifically tested and designed to effectively reduce and prevent pain or injury.

Ten of the popular physiotherapy services offered today include the following:

1. Joint mobilisation and manipulation

This physiotherapy service is a popular treatment that is often used to address conditions that are related to a range of motion issues. The service is also employed to treat the pain associated with joint stiffness. By using high-velocity movements, the patient increases his or her range of motion and experiences realignment of the joints.

2. Manual traction

During manual traction, a gentle force is applied to either the back or neck. Manual traction enables people to overcome problems with discs in the lumbar and cervical spine. Manual traction alleviates the pressure placed on the spine’s nerves. In turn, the patient experiences less pain, tension, and muscle spasms.

3. Myofascial release

This physiotherapy service is used to relax muscles that are painful and stiff. By using this technique, the physiotherapist enhances the patient’s circulation, improves the muscle tone, and increases overall flexibility.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy involves the insertion of sterile, fine needles at certain sites on the body. These sites are referred to as acupuncture points and are located along the body’s meridians. Acupuncture is used to clear away blockages and promote overall body functioning.

5. Dry needling

This particular therapy is often associated with acupuncture therapy because it uses needles. However, the two methods differ. Dry needling stimulates certain tissues to relieve muscular pain. Dry needling is often combined with other techniques to increase pain relief.

6. Taping

This physiotherapy service is used to promote a quicker recovery whilst a person is recuperating from an injury. It is also used as a form or protection from further injury. Taping restricts muscle and joint movement to safeguard against strain. Some forms of this technique encourage blood flow through the deep fascia to support the healing process.

7. Electrotherapy

Physiotherapy services, such as electrotherapy, lessen the effects of tissue swelling and pain. This method often complements other physiotherapy services. Examples of electrotherapy include ultrasound therapy and laser therapy.

8. Phonophoresis

This form of therapy is employed to improve the delivery and efficacy of drugs that are topically applied to injured sites. This method uses ultrasound for various physical injuries – injuries that often require an anti-inflammatory medicine or analgesic for rehabilitation purposes.

9. Corrective and Preventative Exercises

This physiotherapy service enables patients to realise better muscle and joint functioning and alignment. By introducing a regular regimen of exercises, the physiotherapist greatly reduces the chances of re-injury. These types of exercises increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

10. Soft Tissue Massage plus Trigger Point Therapy

This physiotherapy service aids in relaxing the muscles and increasing lymph and blood flow. The method also increases the healing time for tissues or strained ligaments. In addition, the technique improves the patient’s range of motion and flexibility, and reduces the incidence of muscular spasms.

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