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Four Steps to Take Before You Call a Plumber

Many types of plumbing situations that may develop around the house are emergency situations that require a fast response from a skilled professional. At the first sign of a leak, a sewage issue or something else related to your pipes and other features, you may be inclined to immediately call a plumber for assistance. While you should not delay scheduling repair service in serious situations, there may be a few steps that you should quickly walk through before you pick up the phone.

1. Protect Your Home from Immediate Damage

Plumbing situations often may cause severe damage to your home in a very short period of time. For example, a ruptured pipe may spew a significant amount of water into your home. This can result in water damage and even mold growth in some situations. Identify steps that you need to take to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. For example, you can turn off the water supply to your home to prevent additional water from streaming into the building through a damaged pipe.

2. Look for a Quick Fix

The next step to take is to determine if there is a quick fix solution. Ruptured pipes and sewer lines are just a few of the many issues that should immediately be addressed by a licensed, experienced pro. However, if you have an overflowing toilet or a clogged sink, there are do-it-yourself tasks that may provide an effective resolution.

3. Find a Reputable Plumber

When you decide that calling a plumbing company is a necessity, you need to spend a few minutes locating a licensed, insured plumber with a great reputation in the local community. You may be inclined to look for the most affordable rates, but remember that the quality of work for this type of important project trumps cost.

4. Consider Filing an Insurance Claim

Some plumbing issues are covered by your home insurance coverage. Remember that you must pay for the deductible first, and this may be several thousand dollars or more in some cases. Insurance may pay for the remainder of the expenses to repair the home. To determine if it is cost-effective to file a claim, you need to know what your deductible is and what your benefits are. You also may need to get a quote from a plumber to finalize your decision about filing a claim.

Scheduling professional plumbing service is unavoidable in many situations. When a serious issue arises, you should not delay getting the repair service that is needed for your home. However, to ensure that you make the most informed decision about the care of your home, spend a few minutes walking through these important steps before scheduling a plumbing service appointment.

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