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8 Best Kid-Friendly YouTubers for Children

The Internet is a strange place. It is equal parts fascinating, terrifying, hilarious, and depressing. It is also constantly evolving so it can be hard to figure out when and how you should give children access to it. There are many different schools of thought on this. In this confusion, it is best to break it down, as trying to censor the whole internet is too much. YouTube is a great place to start, although there is still a lot of content on there that is questionable. There have been many reports of videos that are seemingly made for children but have very dark and suggestive undertones throughout.

The good news is that there are also some very enjoyable and appropriate videos online as well. As a parent, you might want to care for your young child and exercise control over their online activities. By limiting what your children watch to a select few YouTube channels that you have personally vetted, you will be able to relax knowing that you are keeping them safe online. Here are a few great kid-friendly YouTubers to get you started.

1. EvanTubeHD

This channel is suitable for all ages as the YouTuber himself is a child. Evan is one of the youngest YouTubers out there and has over 5 million subscribers. The themes of the show are based around child-friendly challenges and the reviewing of toys. Everything from the language used and the thoughts and opinions he has are perfect as he is wonderfully authentic.

It is really great to see a child do so well with such a large audience. There is nothing at all to be concerned about this kid-friendly YouTuber, it is akin to having a playdate with another kid.

2. Smosh

This channel is reminiscent of the Saturday morning children’s tv shows that we all remember from our childhood. With over 23 million subscribers this YouTube channel is perfect for children who are over 12 years of age. The channel has a lot of comedy, skits, and music. All connected to pop culture and the world around us. It is worth watching a few episodes on your own to make the call as to whether this is okay for your children. It does serve as a nice bridge between content for young children and what teenagers will want to see.

3. Nigahiga

This channel was created by a kid-friendly YouTuber called Ryan Higa. After watching just a few episodes it is not difficult to see why he has over 20 million subscribers. Recommended for children over the age of 8, he combines inoffensive jokes in a well produced and friendly way.

4. Brave Wilderness

This is the perfect YouTube channel for children who love animals. Your child will be able to learn a great deal about animals from all over the world by watching Peterson interact with many rare and fascinating animal species.

With over 10 million subscribers it is a fun way for children to learn about the world around them. The host is knowledgeable and engaging. Be warned, there is the occasional video that has some content from the natural world that may be a little scary to children. These are clearly labelled so that you can watch, or skip the parts you may need to.

5. Rosanna Pansino

This is a lot of fun for everyone. It is essentially a cooking show with a twist. Rosanna bakes food in the form of video game and comic book characters. You can cook along with her so this channel is interactive if you want it to be. This can be a great way for children to get more confident in the kitchen while also being a lot of fun.

6. Liza Koshy

Suitable for children over the age of 11, this YouTube channel has over 14 million subscribers. She is clever and funny and inspiring to many young women out there who are looking to find their place in the world. Her skits and comic timing are very entertaining.

7. Superwoman

Canadian, Lilly Singh has over 13 million subscribers and talks about daily challenges that all children face. These included school, friends, family, and more. Her humour is clean and not offensive at all. This channel is a great way to let children know that they are not alone in their experiences and that there are ways to deal with even the most challenging of situations.

8. TechRax

This is a fun look at how to conduct experiments to see how various smartphones hold up to damage. On the surface it seems to scratch the itch that many young children have to break things open to see what is inside. Some of the experiments might even pique the interest of parents. Have you ever thought about what would happen when an iPhone is dropped into lava or liquid nitrogen? This is what you can expect from the show, it’s not just about destroying devices. There is a lot of science and scientific theory thrown into the mix. It’s never too early to learn about physics and chemistry.

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