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5 Important Commercial Trash Compactor Safety Tips to Follow

A commercial trash compactor is a useful piece of equipment as it helps in proper waste management. However, people handling this kind of equipment must be cautious and keep safety top of mind. Keep your staff protected with these safety tips.

1. Train Staff

Many business owners overlook this point. Restrict the use of the trash compactor to trained personnel only. Despite the fact that the machinery is relatively easy to use, it poses a risk to unauthorized personnel. When training your staff, be sure to leave no stone unturned. In particular, train them on how to perform an emergency stop; you never know when this training might come in handy. Point out everything they ought to know and never allow untrained personnel to go close to the trash compactor.

Another way to prevent accidents in the workplace is to train every member of staff on how to use the compactor. The list should encompass everyone including those who may likely not use the equipment. Training your entire staff on how to safely operate the machinery will reduce the likelihood of an accident in the workplace. By doing this, you have peace of mind knowing that everybody is familiar with the machine.

2. Provide a Special Tool for Moving Items

Sometimes, you may find an item thrown into a trash compactor that does not fit properly or is not compatible with the machinery. For such items, you must either readjust or remove them completely. To do this, you need a specially designed hand tool for this purpose. You don’t want your staff to use their limbs to move the items, as this is dangerous.

A long stick or metal rod will do. This tool will help staff handle or move material in the danger zone. Do not allow your staff to place their hands or any body part inside the danger zone of the trash compactors.

3. Wear Safety Gear

There are two important things to know when operating a compactor. First, always shut the door of the compactor before use. Second, never open the door when using the commercial trash compactor. A secured door is critical to the safety of your employees.

Prior to using a compactor, you must wear appropriate safety gear. This includes gloves, ear plugs, a hard hat, and safety glasses. This will keep you protected from scrapes, cuts, and abrasions when handling hazardous materials. At the Rotoble Compaction website, there are more resources available for additional insights.

4. Check for Creatures

While animals tend to avoid this piece of equipment, the odds are good that a raccoon or another small animal might be unlucky and end up inside the compactor. Of course, this rarely happens, but it’s better to be sure. Checking the compactor before use reduces the risk of an accident.

5. Regular Repair and Maintenance

Another way to reduce the likelihood of an accident is to inspect the trash compactor on a regular basis. Any irregularities should be reported and checked immediately. No one should be allowed to operate the machine until repair or maintenance work is complete.

Following these safety tips will ensure smooth operation of your trash compactor.

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