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4 Tips to Prepare Kids for a Furnished Apartment Rental

Furnished apartments make life much easier for families on the go, especially those with young children. However, preschool-age kids should be taught how to care for and properly used the apartment furniture and fixtures to keep them looking and working great. The following tips offer suggestions for training small children who live in a furnished apartment.

1. Establish ground rules

Even toddlers can begin to understand simple rules about touching things, running in the house, or eating away from the table. Teach young children which items to avoid handling unnecessarily, like window draperies. Explain that they should not run in the house, as they can bump into things and get hurt or damage something by crashing into it, such as a table lamp.

Young kids tend to be messy eaters, so it is often best to train them to eat meals and snacks at the kitchen table or in the dining area to prevent spillage and crumbs in other parts of the house. If the spilled items become ground into the carpet, professional carpet cleaning may be needed, which is not cheap. As children grow, they can be given age-appropriate tasks for cleaning the apartment to help them appreciate it more fully.

2. Set the example

Parents should take the initiative to model responsible behavior toward furnished apartment furnishings. Adults should not put their feet on the coffee table or elsewhere that is inappropriate. Wash your hands after coming in from work or school to remove stains or dust that is easily transferred to apartment walls and furniture. When adults pick up after themselves and leave dirty shoes by the door, children are apt to follow their lead. Keeping used plates and cups in the kitchen may prevent food and beverage problems in other rooms.

3. Help children to add décor

Encouraging kids to add their own personal accents, like toss pillows or throw rugs, to their bedrooms and play area gently teaches them to want to care for the house. They can develop a sense of buy-in, ownership, and responsibility.

4. Monitor kids’ behavior

Young kids often become forgetful and slip up on a promise or a goal they have agreed to. Consider posting a behavior chart or a good deed list that comes with rewards to support their compliance. Discipline may be necessary for children who repeatedly disregard apartment rules, and rewards could be offered to those who try hard to keep the apartment in good condition.

Furnished apartments Calgary are often preferable for families because they are attractive and convenient. Families with children should agree to keep the new place in good shape so they can enjoy it and have it looking nice for a long time.

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