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4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You Home During Showings

You’re the homeowner. You’ve lived in your home for years. If anyone know about your home, it’s you. In your opinion, you’re the perfect person to give a tour of your home, pointing out all its great features. But in almost every case, the real estate agent insists that the homeowner not be present during the showings. Why is that? There are very good reasons why your real estate agent doesn’t want you home during showings.

1. You Know a Little Too Much About the House

If prospective homebuyer find out that the homeowner is on-site and available for questions, that’s who they’ll direct almost all their questions to. If you’re there, the homebuyers can ask you anything they want, and you have to answer truthfully. This all sounds fine. But what if they ask you about things you don’t necessarily want to share? What if they ask about something and the answer makes it sound worse than it actually is? This could backfire and make a prospect change their mind about making an offer.

2. The Agent is Being Paid For This Service

The selling agent gets a commission for managing the sale of your home. Showing your home is part of the services that they’re being paid for. You hired them for their expertise, so you should let them do their job. Also, the agent knows that showing the home is part of the selling process. If you stay home and try to “help,” you could actually be sabotaging the work of the agent.

3. To Prevent Personality Conflicts

The fact is, you may not personally like the people who are interested in buying your home. There are all kinds of people in the world, with all kinds of personalities. Only the agent can be completely objective when it comes to who buys your home. If you’re there when the homebuyers view your home, you may take a dislike to one of the people, or they may take a dislike to you. The agent wants you out of the house partially in order to prevent personality conflicts that could needlessly complicate the selling process.

4. The Buyers Expect It

It’s unexpected for the homeowner to be on the premises during the showing. Homebuyers don’t expect to see the owners when they come to see a home for sale. They may feel like they aren’t free to really look around, open closets or make negative remarks about anything. In short, your presence can negatively impact the viewing.

These are the main four reasons why your real estate agent sends you packing during showings. As you can see, it’s in your best interests to make yourself scarce and let the agent do their job as they’ve been trained to do. You can find more information online. The Chestnut Park website may be a good place to begin your research.

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