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Four Signs of a Hidden Leak in Your Home

When most people think about a water leak, they think about water spurting from a pipe and water quickly accumulating on the floor. Some leaks are obvious in this way, but many others are concealed in areas that are difficult or impossible for a homeowner to see. In addition, some leaks are relatively small, and the water may trickle out of a crack rather than gush out. All leaks should be repaired by a plumber promptly to avoid unnecessary property damage and to reduce the financial expense associated with wasted water from a leak. These are some of the more common signs that you may notice if you have a hidden leak.

1. A Higher Water Bill

Homeowners commonly use varying amounts of water throughout the year. For example, you may use more water in the summer because you water the lawn frequently. Some fluctuation in your water bill is expected and normal. However, a water leak allows water to flow freely around-the-clock. This means that even a small leak can lead to a much higher water bill than you may have been anticipating. If you have recently been surprised by a very large water bill, contacting a plumber for leak detection services is a smart idea.

2. Unexplained Moisture

Depending on the location of the leak, you may not see water gushing out of a pipe directly. However, you may observe moisture in unusual places or in areas where it is not expected. For example, you may have a leak in the pipes in your concrete slab foundation. This could create a spot on your floor that is constantly wet regardless of the efforts that you take to wipe away the water or to allow it to air dry.

3. The Sound of Water

When you sit quietly in your home, you may notice sounds from the refrigerator and HVAC system. At some point, all equipment in your home will be turned off, and you can observe other sounds in the home. If you hear a quiet and intermittent drip of water, the source of this water should be investigated. If you cannot pinpoint its source from a faucet or from one of your toilets, a plumber should be called to inspect your pipes.

4. A Reduction in Water Pressure

A very minor leak will not have a major effect on water pressure. However, if you have a more serious leak in an area that is impossible for you to see, such as in your foundation or in your yard, the first sign of trouble that you may notice is a reduction in water pressure. Any sudden and prolonged change in water pressure should be investigated by a professional.

A plumber may use multiple methods to determine if you have a pipe leak and where the leak is located. Remember that procrastinating can lead to expensive water waste, property damage and other costly consequences.

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