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5 Common Myths about Promotional Products

Most people in the world of marketing have several misconceptions about promotional items. Some of these myths have deterred marketers from making good use of promo products to promote their brands and increase sales. Well, forget about what you have heard about promotional products and read through these promo products myths to learn the truth.

1. Promo products are no longer relevant

People believe that items such as tote bags, caps or t-shirts have gone in darkness. In reality, people love free things, and statistics reveal that 54 percent of people who receive freebies use them. People will only throw away your freebies if they find them not valuable, unique, useful, or memorable. Therefore, don’t be afraid to give promo items to your customers, sales team or during trade fairs. You just need to be sure that the promo items are relevant to your audience and relevant to your brand.

2. Promo items are made from cheap materials that don’t last

It is clear why people have this myth about promo items because many businesses are investing in low-quality products that don’t last. Companies can select from an array of promo items of different materials and quality. The most important factor is your budget, which reflects how organized your company is and its willingness to brand itself. You don’t have to break the bank to order useful and valuable items or settle for everyday items.

3. Promo items are too expensive

Most marketers get worried when they have to spend on marketing strategies. Marketers believe that promo items are a costly marketing strategy because of the research, planning and managing details involved. However, you are investing in enhancing your company’s brand, so you need to invest in research to know the right products for your company. The truth is that promotional products are the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Freebies have a lower cost-per-impression than other advertising forms, and your business ought to take advantage of that.

4. People don’t take giveaways

Companies have this trend of ordering fewer giveaways because they believe that not every person will be interested in them. Don’t underestimate the power of giveaways because the products tend to disappear if they are of high-quality or useful. You should ensure that you order more promo items than you think you will require so that you are prepared for the unexpected. You don’t want to have some people lack the products while others get them during a trade fair because it doesn’t give a good impression about your company.

5. There is nothing new in promotional products

Since promo products have existed for several years, it is easy for marketers to believe that everything has been explored. In reality, promo products are evolving each day, and thousands of items are often invented. A business just needs to be innovative when designing promo gifts by incorporating industry trends.

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