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4 Considerations When Choosing a Furnace

Every home needs an HVAC system that is efficient, effective, and reliable. Central heating has become a standard component in nearly every home. Even older homes are now being upgraded to include a more modern furnace. Prior to choosing a new furnace, there are several factors homeowners must consider regarding heating and furnace installation.

1. Consider the fuel type

Most furnaces today are powered by natural gas. As a clean, inexpensive source, natural gas has largely replaced coal in home heating. Even people who do not live near natural gas lines may use liquefied propane to heat their homes. Other alternatives to natural gas include electricity and wood.

2. Choose an efficient furnace

To help consumers choose the most efficient furnace, products now come with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. In understanding the rating, the number assigned corresponds with the percent of fuel the furnace burns to produce heat. For example, a furnace that has an 85 percent gas rating produces heat from 85 percent of the fuel it burns. High-efficiency furnaces have a rating of 90 to 98 percent and can help the household save on heating expenses. Most furnaces also contribute to cost savings by using an electric ignition versus maintaining a continuously burning pilot light.

3. Choose a furnace that is the right size

Most people who have never purchased a furnace before will need guidance in choosing the right size. Installing a furnace that is too large may waste money while choosing one that is too small will not adequately heat the home. Indoor square footage, number of windows, amount of insulation, and ceiling height all factor into the size of furnace a home will need. People who are replacing an old furnace may simply use the size of the old furnace as a guide.

4. Choose the right location for the furnace

A furnace may be installed outside the house, in the basement, in the garage, or in the home’s attic. Placement of a furnace is critically important because some locations may affect the manner in which toxic carbon monoxide is vented from the home and the amount of air the furnace needs for combustion. An advantage to installing an electric furnace means not having to consider any of these factors.

Buying a furnace is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. For best results and optimal safety, homeowners should work closely with a reputable furnace installation Oshawa service provider to receive reliable information that is most appropriate for their home.

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