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6 Tips for Moving With an Infant

Having a baby and moving houses are both critical life events. If you experience both at a go, you need some special grace to handle the situation. Besides, moving is already hard enough, and bringing an infant into the equation only makes it more challenging. Besides hiring a mover, there are other tips to make the experience less stressful.

1. Plan the move

Use a calendar to plan a suitable moving day. Mark the relocating day on the calendar so that you can see how many days are remaining at a glance. Determine the packing days and split roles with your partner or housemate. Consider color coding tasks to make reading easy.

2. Find help

With so much to do, you will need some extra sets of hands. Look for a babysitter, a family member, a friend or anybody else to watch your little one during the move. Depending on the age of your baby, they might be quiet or curious. Although a calm child is easy to watch over, an hyper-active baby is likely to require lots of attention. You can also ask the movers Toronto to bring extra help.

3. Keep the essentials within reach

Pack a baby travel suitcase containing all the essential items you will require while on the road, such as a diaper bag, three-days set of clothes, a first aid kit, and their favorite toy. Make sure that drinks and food are at hand. Being hungry during a move will only make the situation worse, so, make sure you and the baby have enough to eat. Don’t forget to carry adequate water to keep you hydrated. Put together a box of cleaning supplies to clean up a place for the baby to stay if you get tired of holding them.

4. Take note of security concerns

Never leave your baby unattended. If you have to help in moving the items, make sure someone is available to watch over your child. Also, keep all potentially harmful things such as sharp edges, scissors and cleaning supplies away from your little one. In case you are traveling by plane, take time to check the guidelines for traveling with babies.

5. Take your time

When you arrive at the new house, start by setting up the child’s room. Setting their room up first will ensure they settle in fast. It will also give you adequate time to unpack. Understand that your little one needs a lot of attention from you and that their needs come first.

6. Maintain your baby’s routine

Remember that routine matters a lot when it comes to caring for a child. Maintaining a stringent napping and feeding schedule for your infant is not easy especially when you are relocating. However, this is the best way to help them adjust to the new environment because consistency gives a feeling of stability and security.

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