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Top 5 Most Popular Travel Destinations for Families

Are you planning for a family vacation and wondering where to start? You need to check this list of the five most popular travel destinations for families.

1. Portugal

If you are looking for a European family getaway, Portugal is one of the most popular travel destinations for families. The country provides a mixture of rich culture, history, beautiful scenery and fantastic food. Unlike other European capitals, it is less crowded and less costly. The capital city, Lisbon, is easy-to-navigate. You can get from one point to the other by using the yellow tramcars.

Besides, it has many attractions for kids such as the expansive Oceanarium that is filled with all sorts of fish. Get into a train and visit the coastal town of Cascais, about 30 minutes west of Lisbon. Cascais is an awesome beach getaway with a charm of centuries gone.

While at Cascais, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sintra, which has beautiful castles that will impress the children. You will be spoilt for choice in terms of where to stay in Lisbon. Martinhal hotel group offers unique packages for the family. Their rooms and programs are planned with the family in mind.

2. Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful state in the United States. 2019 is particularly a good year to visit Alaska as the state holds the 60th anniversary of statehood. While in Alaska, choose Anchorage as your base and book yourself a place to stay at the Anchorage Marriot Downtown. It has everything you may want for yourself and the kids. Besides being situated at the centre of the city, it is also near the Imaginarium Discovery Centre, one of the most popular travel destinations for children. From here, rent a car and drive south on the Seward Highway.

On your way south, visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and enjoy a variety of native wildlife, including bison, brown bears, and reindeer. After this refreshing connection with nature, go on to Seward and around Kenai Fjords National Park. Visit the Alaska SeaLife Center where you will have a unique encounter with puffins and sea otters. Having visited all these places, you can now drive back to Anchorage ready for more adventure.

3. Tokyo

Tokyo is also known as the land of the rising sun. The Japanese are known for their great hospitality. As the 2020 Olympics beckon, the country is already erecting additional infrastructure to make visitors’ stay comfortable and memorable. Not only is Tokyo one of the most popular travel destinations for families, it is also a popular place for tourists of all ages.

Although these additional facilities are targeted at the Olympics crowd, you and family can take advantage. The pleasure derived from the trip will adequately compensate the time you spend travelling. Some of the selling points of Tokyo include watching a musical robot show, sampling sushi, and the pleasure kids will get from sipping their favourite beverage while playfully cuddling hedgehogs. You will find it difficult to get the children out of Tokyo once you are there.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another awesome travel destination for families. Despite having experienced the devastating Hurricane Maria, it is recovering very well.

Puerto Rico is synonymous with sufficient sunlight; thus, you and family will enjoy it all day long. Besides, San Juan is well-served by major carriers in the air transport industry. Once you are here, first visit the San Juan beaches to enjoy the sunshine, clean golden sand, and a soothing breeze that accompanies the warm azure waves.

You have all the space and time to play a game of pirates with the children. You won’t have to worry about where to stay at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, which is newly renovated, is set to open soon. The facility is equipped with revitalized guest rooms, a beautiful pool with a new landscape, and features the only private beach in San Juan where families can enjoy a swim, among other things.

5. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a beautiful city to visit. Those from many parts of the United States can take about 90 minutes to travel to Toronto. It is the perfect weekend getaway that is not only affordable but rewarding as well. While in Toronto, take the family to the new Museum of illusions and also visit the new roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland. Besides, there is the family favourite Ontario Science Centre. 2019 is especially a good time to visit because the centre is celebrating 50 years anniversary with new exhibits.

A good place to stay, for instance, is Hotel X located in Toronto, which recently started operations and provides resort-style amenities right in downtown, including a rooftop pool. This is a wonderful place to stay with the family. The kids are kept occupied at the indoor tennis and racquetball courts. Also, a 3,000-square-foot kid’s activity center is included. You can alternatively stay at the Chelsea Hotel, which is quite responsive to the needs of families. They incorporate a Family Fun Zone and a kid-centric saltwater pool.

A family holiday is definitely something to look forward to. To make the most of it, use this list to set you off to a good start.

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