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10 Best Colors That Look Good With Teal Walls

Teal is a versatile, gorgeous shade of blue-green that may be just perfect for at least one room of your home. It’s a great color to complement your bedroom, living room, and pretty much any room! For those of you tired of painting interior walls in shades of red, orange, and yellow, teal is a great alternative color.

However, no matter how much you love the color teal, you probably don’t want every single item in any given room to be teal, right? You want to change things up with some contrasting and complementing colors that you can suggest to your painters. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of several beautiful colors that combine wonderfully with teal. Think peanut butter and jelly or steak and lobster and you’ve pretty much go it!

Here are the ten best colors that look good with teal walls:

1. Teal and Cream Colors

While teal and white can work together, teal and cream can be the better option. Cream isn’t as severe as plain, bright white and that soothing, subdued look of a creamy shade against the richness of teal is hard to pass up.

2. Teal and Brown Colors

Brown is another low-key color that look good with teal walls! The variations of brown are nearly endless and each one, paired with teal, can tell its own story. How about a gorgeously deep chocolate brown that will add steadiness and warmth to teal’s tropical touch? Or a more metallic, coppery brown that marries two lush colors into one stunning visual treat? The possibilities are yours for the trying!

3. Teal and Grey Colors

If you’re looking for a calming, yet sophisticated color palette, then teal paired with a dusty, muted grey could be just the thing. Choose a light, faded grey to provide a visual contrast to teal’s deep shade or a slightly deeper grey (without the shade being gloomy) to add a hint of drama and/or gravitas.

4. Teal and Bright Blue Colors

Two shades of blue? Would that even look good? We’re here to assure you that it is, when done tastefully! A bright blue, perhaps a royal blue or cobalt, combined with teal can be a striking, dramatic choice for any room in your home. Don’t go overboard by having both colors equally loud and present in any given room. Instead, use the bright blue as an accent and teal as the base color.

5. Teal and Rusty Red-orange Colors

This may not be a color combination that jumps directly to your mind when you think of combining teal with other colors, but it’s definitely a winner. This could make any bedroom or living room look amazing, especially if you live in an area that has beautiful autumns. Something about the teal and the rusty red-orange feels like sun-drenched (yet cool) autumn days, falling leaves, and clear autumn skies in shades of blue.

6. Teal and Deep Mustard Yellow Colors

Again, mustard yellow might not be your top choice for combining with teal but it actually can work! The understated heat of different mustard shades, paired with the subdued, yet colorful teal can make an impact on your rooms and add delightful pops of color to different areas in your home.

7. Teal and Gold Colors

Do you crave a little luxury in your life? Do you want your home to reflect your classy, somewhat expensive sense of style? Do you want to make a statement when you entertain people at your home? Then the teal and gold combo is an excellent place to start. Gold can have a warmth to it when paired with bold, rich colors like teal. Use teal as your base and gold as the accent color, unless you’re feeling hugely ambitious. Gold walls aren’t for everyone after all.

8. Teal and Black Colors

Combining teal and black is a bold move that can have serious drawbacks if not done properly. If you have your heart set on this palette, it may be wise to bring in an interior designer who has a good eye for what colors would work well in your space. It’s probably a good idea to have your teal and black room be one that receives a lot of natural light so that the black accents don’t overpower the mood of the room. Just something to keep in mind!

9. Teal and Pink Colors

Pink may be looked down upon by some as a baby girl color or an Easter color, but pink can be an amazing choice for interior design when utilized the right way. And one of those ways can be by combining it with teal! The deep jewel tones of a good teal can look amazing next to several different shades of pink. Take some paint swatches and mix them around to see what tones look best.

10. Teal and Red Colors

Dramatic? Check. Bold? Check. Amazing? Double check! (If done well.) Teal is a bold color choice, and so is a good, rich, deep red. Does that mean these two colors clash like oil and water? Not at all, as long as you know how to combine them for good effect!

Again, if this pairing appeals to you, call in an interior designer and get their opinion. Actually, it’s probably best if you do this for any of these color combinations. We’ve given you several jumping off points, but if you’re unsure, it’s always a great idea to seek professional guidance.

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