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Top 4 Reasons for Using Your Moving Company’s Professional Packing Services

When you arrange for a professional mover to help with your next move, take a good look at what the company offers in the way of packing services. At first glance, you may not think this is a service that you need. In fact, it could make a huge difference. Here are four of the key reasons why you should seriously consider arranging for this service.

1. Your Schedule is Already Full

When do you plan on getting the packing done? Between work and family obligations, there isn’t a lot of time. That means staying up late to pack and label boxes. It won’t take many nights of getting little sleep before you have trouble functioning during the day.

When you choose to hire professional packers through the moving company, preparing for the move will be a lot easier. Best of all, you can get the sleep you need to be productive at work and still have time to spend with the family.

2. You’re Not the Greatest Packer in the World

There’s a difference between throwing things in a box and hauling them to the attic and moving to a new address. It take attention to detail and careful packing to ensure everything is safe and unlikely to sustain damage. Are you sure that you know how to pack your belongings with that level of care?

Take the guesswork out of the process and talk with your mover about packing services. You’ll find that the packers will select the right type of boxes and fillers to ensure everything is prepared for the journey to your new place. Best of all, they know how to make the most of the space in each box, something that will make unpacking later a lot simpler.

3. You Hate the Idea of Selecting Packing Supplies

What type of boxes or containers are right for the fine china? How about containers for clothing or wall art? Do you know how to choose the right sort of containers for fragile items versus things that are highly unlikely to break even if they are dropped?

You can bet that the packing team supplied by the mover knows exactly what sort of boxes and fillers are right for any type of belonging. Instead of putting yourself through the stress of trying to figure out what sort of supplies you need, leave it to the professionals. The Matco website is a useful source of information if you require additional insights.

4. The Pros Will Also Help You Unpack

Did you know that the packers supplied by many moving companies can also be on hand to help you unpack? Think of what that means in terms of settling into the new place. By the end of the moving day, the larger pieces of furniture are placed, essentials like bath towels and toiletries are where they belong, and the kitchen is ready for use. That will make it all the easier for you to focus more on things like hanging wall art, placing decorative touches in each room, and in general having the new place all set up before you go back to work Monday morning.

Talk with your mover about packing services and how they work. Once you learn more about what they will do for you, it will be easy to see why adding this service to your moving plans makes sense.

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