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The Top 4 Innovative Trends in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a proven way for individuals to recover from trauma and lead a healthier life. The therapy can be focused on a specific area of an individual’s body, or it can focus on the entire body. There are many benefits to this kind of physical therapy, which has led to the development of technologies and innovative practices that have enhanced those who undergo treatment. Here are the top four innovative trends in the physiotherapy industry:

1. Rehabilitation Robots

There are now rehabilitation robots that are used to aid those in therapy. The goal of rehabilitation robots is to help locate the exact location physical impairments in individuals recovering from a stroke, which will provide physiotherapists with vital information that is needed to develop a treatment plan. In addition, a recent study concluded that individuals recovery rates were faster and more successful when their treatment included rehabilitation robots.

A rehabilitation robot that has proven successful is the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL). Hal is a robot that uses electrical signals that are sent from the brain to the muscles to spark movement in injured individuals. HAL is also thought to be beneficial because it helps individuals in gait rehabilitation make accurate connections between the brain and the muscles.

2. The Ekso Suit

The Ekso suit is specifically manufactured for individuals who use wheelchairs. The suit keeps individuals active and significantly reduces the risk for muscle deterioration in the lower body. The suit has successfully increased functionality and mobility in post-stroke individuals and individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Another advantage the Ekso suit offers individuals is the material it’s made of, which is titanium and platinum. These materials are able to be attached to the area of the body that is injured and results in easier movement. However, the downside to the Ekso suit is the price and availability. Currently, the Ekso suit is only available in a few rehabilitation clinics.

3. Integration of Exercises

One of the latest trends in the industry is the integration of stretching, exercising, and core training. In addition, other strength training exercises, yoga, and Pilates may be integrated into this type of treatment. These functional exercises can help prevent injuries from occurring in the future because the body will be stronger, and it is also known to effectively improve the immune system, increase blood flow, and more. The repetitive physical movements and customized scientific treatment program, which is known as Brampton physiotherapy, helps the body heal itself.

4. Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is beneficial because it helps individuals who have problems bearing weight recover easier, which may include individuals who have fractures, sprains, or arthritis. When individuals exercise in the water, it will cause vasodilation of blood vessels. As a result, individuals bodies will receive more oxygen and nutrients. In addition, aquatic therapy helps individuals their range of motion, reduce tension, and protect joints from the strain of high impact activities.

The innovative treatments that are arising from physiology are helping individuals overcome a wide range of health problems. However, it is important to remember that physiology isn’t only beneficial to those with a health ailments, it is also beneficial to healthy individuals who want to further improve their stamina, strength, and wellbeing.

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