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Why Do Dogs Play with Their Food?

Dogs can exhibit a lot of strange and curious behaviour. This can be cute to watch. Dogs get excited when it comes to feeding time. Sometimes, some dogs end up playing with their food. This may make you wonder why do dogs play with their food?

Well, there could be any number of reasons. Sometimes, a dog may take a mouthful and place it on the floor. There may be several mouthfuls all over the floor. After eating what’s left in the bowl, they return and eat what’s on the floor. Unless it is something that gets out of hand, or they don’t eat or don’t eat everything, you could just call to speak to your vet without actually making an appointment.

Why do dogs play with their food? Let us explore this cute but strange behaviour.

Dogs play with their food because they are bored.

Without you even realizing it, your dog may be bored. It could also be a lack of exercise. You can stimulate your dog’s mental ability by giving them toys that make them think. There are special toys where a dog can learn certain actions that can cause a treat to fall out.

This mental stimulation is good for your dog. Several special toys can challenge your dog’s mental and thinking capacity. This could help relieve some of the boredom.

Another way to relieve a dog’s boredom is introducing new foods to its diet. Perhaps your dog may want to try a new type of meal. Raw dog food can be an excellent option for your pet, stimulating its tastes and excitement around meal time again.

Dogs play with their food because they need exercise.

Bigger dogs tend to need more exercise. Smaller dogs need less. Depending on the size of your dog, make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise. This could put a stop to your dog playing with its food. You can take your dog for a walk just before feeding.

If you have a smaller dog, you can play with them for a while and then feed them. Let them take a breather first. One very important thing to mention is never exercising your dog (especially vigorously) after eating. This can lead to a very dangerous condition that can be life-threatening.

Try exercising your dog and after they settle down, feed them. See if the ‘playing with food’ stops.

Dogs play with their food because they are playful.

Anyone who has a dog knows that they are playful and social creatures. Dogs may play with their food because they are just happy. There may not be any cause for alarm. They may eventually grow out of it. Sometimes, dogs can find a way of entertaining themselves and being playful independently. They may have some energy to burn. So they may be playful with their food. The main thing is that they should eventually eat what is given to them; otherwise, speak with your vet.

Some owners are so busy that they may not have the time to play with their dogs. It is important to play with your dog, so they get exercise and burn energy. This may be one reason why they play with their food. If you are not spending enough time with your dog, try this and see if the behaviour stops.

Dogs play with their food because of harmless fun.

If your dog has received a clean bill of health, and despite playing with their food (as long as they eventually eat), there really may not be much to be concerned about. If anything, it may just be some harmless fun.

It is up to you. You can enjoy and appreciate this behaviour, or you can try to put a stop to it. Some vets may say just let your dog do whatever it does since there’s no real cause for alarm. When a dog plays with their food, they have fun. Dogs can sometimes have fun on their own without your presence.

For example, sometimes, you may be in the kitchen and suddenly hear noise, running, and barking. You drop what you are doing to investigate. Next thing you know, your dog picks up a ball, tosses it across the room, and chases it. Then he or she does it again and again. You are not playing with them! They are doing it on their own!

Unless you are a worrier, there may not be any cause for concern. Besides, as they get older, they may stop this behaviour, enjoying every moment.

Dogs play with their food for other reasons.

We have seen some of the reasons why dogs play with their food. This could be an ancestral thing. It just may be part of a dog’s DNA. Sometimes, you could be feeding your dog too much, so they may play with their food. Give your dog a daily training routine. This means exercising at the same time. This energy-burning may stop this behaviour.

On the other hand, speak to your vet and ask why dogs play with their food? If they are healthy, then there is no reason to stop them. Just enjoy every moment with them.

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