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Debunking 5 Myths about Vinyl Windows

You must have heard about vinyl windows when searching for new windows for your home. Vinyl windows are cost-effective, which is why most homeowners consider them when renovating their homes or building a new home. Unfortunately, myths have discouraged homeowners from installing vinyl windows. Make sure you debunk the myths surrounding vinyl windows before you get discouraged and opt for less-efficient windows.

1. Look for the blue tint when shopping for vinyl windows

During the early production of vinyl windows, the blue tint windows were of a higher quality than the other tints. The tint was as a result of a special chemical that would increase the insulating properties of the vinyl window. However, some manufacturers add their blue dye to create the blue tint to entice buyers that it is of high quality. Therefore, don’t always be guided by the blue tint when buying new windows for your house.

2. Vinyl windows are not durable

Vinyl windows are manufactured using PVC material, which is lightweight. That explains the myth that the windows are not durable. In reality, vinyl windows are durable, and they are not frail. They are manufactured to resist pests, moisture damage, and harmful UV rays. Also, vinyl windows require little maintenance to maintain their beauty and strength as long as you clean them regularly.

3. You risk affecting the existing structure when you install vinyl windows

It is one of the most common vinyl window misconceptions, and sadly, it discourages several people from installing the modern vinyl windows. The truth is that you can still invest in a new vinyl window without tampering with the existing house. Make sure you hire an experienced expert to install the new window so that bricks are not eliminated, moved or added to the existing house. The best part is that the process of installing vinyl windows takes a maximum of two days.

4. Vinyl windows are poor insulators

In reality, vinyl windows are excellent insulators. The windows will offer extra insulation to your home during summer and winter months. The windows are combined with low-E glass that enables them to balance the indoor temperatures in your home so that the HVAC unit doesn’t have to work hard to maintain the desired temperatures. Consequently, you ultimately save money from energy bills.

5. Vinyl windows are not appealing

Unfortunately, some people think that a vinyl window will not offer extra beauty to homes. They believe that it looks inauthentic and plastic and that it doesn’t blend well with contemporary homes. The truth is that vinyl windows have been advanced; thus, you can customize them to suit your preferences. Besides, manufacturers personalize vinyl windows to fit individual needs. Also, they come in an array of finishes and colors to look like other window materials. You may be interested in the resources available at the Panes website.

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