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8 Divorce Party Ideas for the Recent Divorcee

One of the latest trends in our pessimistic, skeptic, and unique world is the divorce party. Like a wedding party, you are celebrating your divorce, not your love. It’s the newest craze for young hip couples (or exes?) who are finally happy that it is all over. The misery of seeing each other every day, the joyless marriage that had more fights than good times – it has come to an end.

So, why not throw a party to let the world know that this thing called marriage is no more? You may be wondering how exactly do you throw a divorce party? Or, if you have been invited to attend one, what is the property etiquette? Well, we have you covered! Here are eight divorce party ideas for the recent divorcee:

1. Only Invite Select Friends and Family to the Divorce Party

Let’s be honest: A divorce party is a new idea and something that has spawned from the minds of the new generation. So, not everyone will get it.

When you write the guest list, you do not want to invite everyone you had at the wedding. This means that your great aunt Bertha or your grandfather Joe should not be invited because they will unlikely get it and may gripe the entire time.

2. The Divorce Party is a Symbolic Ritual

According to the experts, every divorce party should include a symbolic ritual that signifies the end of your marriage. It does not have to be anything elaborate or expensive. Ultimately, it should be small, not something like the Cremation of Care at the Bohemian Grove.

Here are some other divorce party ideas to consider:

  • Burn your wedding dress or suit.
  • Sell your wedding ring to a pawn shop, keep the ticket, and rip it up.
  • Eat the exact opposite of what you ate at your wedding.
  • Cut a tether or handcuffs.

3. I-Knew-He/She-Was-the-Wrong Spouse Game

The game might lead to a significant question at the end (we’ll mention it at the end of this section), but it is fun to think when exactly your friends or family members realized that he or she was the wrong fit. So, play a game of “I Knew-He/She-Was-the-Wrong-Spouse” and have everyone list the very moment that he or she discovered that your ex was the wrong suitor. In the end, you will wonder: “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?!”

4. Look Your Best (or Worst)

Since this divorce party is the start of something new, you want to look your best. Remember, you looked your best when you got married, so you want the same idea for your divorce. Or, if you wish to be a contrarian, then you might want to look your worst. But who does?

5. Are You Mentally Prepared?

When you are thinking about a divorce party, it may sound fun and exhilarating. But, in reality, it may be something that you are not mentally or emotionally prepared for. So, think about it for a while before you decide to host or attend your divorce party.

The divorce may not have hit you hard yet, but that party could be the trigger to ignite an explosion of tears.

6. Don’t Gossip About the Ex

As a guest, one of the last things you want to do is gossip about the ex-husband or ex-wife. You may know something that the person does not, such as if he or she was having an affair or the individual had been lying about something. Whatever the case, you do not want to spread gossip and cause more domestic strife that has already been a nightmare.

7. Don’t Reveal Your Newfound Love

Do you want to tell your friend about your newfound love? Great! Just don’t do it during the divorce party. This might make the person jealous or make them have regret about their decision. Remember, this event is about them and their new journey, not about you and your romance.

8. Don’t Invite the Ex

Are you friends with your friend’s ex-husband or divorced wife? That must be awkward, and we certainly do not want to be in your shoes. That said, you may be allowed to invite a guest, but do not make it that person. Anybody but the ex! This will only lead to trouble unless the divorce was amicable and he or she is aware of the festivities.

A divorce party is contrary to societal conventions. We are meant to celebrate marriage, not divorce. But this is the world we now live in where divorce is far more accepted than it was 20, 30, or 50 years ago. So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate the bitter end, then be sure you know how to do – and how to participate as a guest.

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