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4 Reasons To Call A Locksmith

You may be surprised to hear that that locksmith industry is burgeoning and most companies are offering a variety of services! They don’t just get you into your car or house when you’ve been locked out! A professional will usually offer a variety of services which work to improve both the security and safety of a given environment. They’re highly trained and skilled individuals with the keen ability to solve complex problems while under pressure.

To give you a better idea of what reasons there are for calling in one of these professionals, we’ve detailed 4 of the most common services they offer:

1. Emergency Locksmithing Services

This is the service most commonly associated with the locksmithing profession. You’ll be surprised to hear though that even though it’s probably the most common service sought out, not all companies even offer it! Emergency locksmiths are able to respond quickly to calls in order to get those locked out of their cars, offices, or homes as fast as possible. They typically will boast a response time of fewer than 30 minutes and try to remain available 24 hours a day, and 365 days out of the year! Utilizing specialized tools, locksmiths are able to provide you with both emergency lock opening and lockout services when employing techniques such as lock bumping.

2. Auto Locksmithing Services

Locking yourself out of your car, losing, or breaking your car keys can be incredibly frustrating! In these stressful situations, locksmiths are there to save the day. Locksmiths can typically get you into your vehicle, no matter the make or model, and will usually bring along specialized tools which make gaining entry to your car easy, with little risk of damage.

3. Home Locksmithing Services

Home or residential locksmiths are the most commonly encountered of the trade. Residential locksmiths provide lockout services to people for the times when keys are lost or stolen. They typically offer their services to not just homeowners, but renters residing in apartments and condos as well. They can also change out old locks and provide new keys to go with them. You should review a home security checklist to get a good idea what services may benefit you.

4. Rekeying Services

This service is one of the more complex but important services offered by professional locksmiths. Not to be confused with simply changing out a lock, rekeying is when the internal components of a lock are reconfigured and adjusted in order for a new key to be used. Rekeying is offered as a more affordable option for replacing a lock outright, though it is also considered the most difficult and complex of locksmithing services. It typically takes many years of training in order to gain knowledge in order to confidently perform this service.

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