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7 Perfect Wine Themed Gifts for Family and Friends

Wine connoisseurs are hard to please, especially if you don’t know your wine well. To really impress them, you need to know a thing or two about the perfect wine gift. How about throwing them off balance with the following breathtaking wine themed gifts?

1. The Best Bottle of Wine You Can Find

Any wine themed gift that does not include the best bottle of wine your money can afford will come seriously short. However, different types of wine are appropriate for various events. For instance, if an event will feature heavy meat eating, choose a bottle of wine that goes down well with meat. What you should be looking for is less complex, well-structured dry wines.

If the event is a vegetarian cookout, you need a highly drinkable, light, super-accessible wine. A bottle of white Bordeaux or any sauvignon blanc-based brand would go down well at a vegan party. The idea is to get a wine that goes well with grain-based dishes. Before you select the wine themed gifts for a friend, or to take to a party, think of the theme of the event and choose a bottle of wine that’s ideally suited for it.

2. Wine Baskets & Boxes

You can choose from a wide selection of wine baskets and wine boxes to gift a wine lover. The baskets and boxes are appropriately themed depending on the event and person being gifted, or the season. For instance, there are wine baskets and boxes designed with Christmas and New Year’s Eve in mind.

The wine baskets and boxes could include wine (of course), wine accessories and food items, chocolate sauces, truffles, and whatever else you might want to throw in. You can also use a wine basket or a wine box during corporate, birthday, or wedding events.

A wine box can also be custom designed to say ‘thanks’ to someone special or recognize the contributions of a hard-working employee. Whatever your need or event, you can have a custom made wine box that’s just perfect for your theme.

3. Wine Charms

If you are looking to spice up your wine tasting event or party, consider a gift of wine charms that are appropriately themed to coincide with the theme of your event. With wine glasses looking the same, it is sometimes difficult to track which glass belongs to who.

To deal with this problem, consider a gift of unique, whimsical wine charms your guests would find fun interacting with. Wine charms are ideal for bachelorette parties, weddings, or the avowed wine aficionados in your life.

4. Wine Accessories

Besides a good bottle of wine, there are many wine themed gifts and accessories for practically any event you can come up with. For instance, during the holiday season, you can choose appropriately themed accessories to gift friends and relatives. These include wine charms, bottle gift tags, reindeer bottle stopper, beverage napkins, etc.

5. Wine Glasses

You could get specially branded wine glasses to gift a loved one or a friend. For instance, you can have a specially made wine glass for your mum, dad, or for a graduating relative or friend. Such wine glasses could feature thoughtful and sometimes funny prints and fancy colours depending on the person being gifted.

6. Personalized Labels

Let’s say you have an ardent golfer friend you would like to gift with a quality bottle of red wine. You could have the bottle personalized with a label featuring the dates of a specific golfing event. You might also want to throw in a personalized wine glass for good measure.

While at it, make sure the wine glass is safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. Once the wine glass and your bottle of the best red wine you can get are personalized, deliver them to your friend in an immaculately designed wine box.

7. Apparel

When it comes to a perfect wine themed gifts, thinking outside the ‘bottle’ can be liberating. Wine-themed apparel includes t-shirts printed with exciting fun and quirky quotes. You could also have wine-themed tote bags, caps, trunks, etc. Having an apparel gift to accompany your gift of a quality bottle of wine would make your host beam with appreciation. They will definitely thank you for being so thoughtful.

The perfect wine-themed gift is one that is appropriate for the occasion at hand and the recipient you’ll be offering it to. The object of your gift and the occasion determine what kind of wine gift you should give them. For instance, wine gifts for a birthday, a housewarming party, graduation party, mother’s day, etc. need to feature the mood and theme of the specific event.

At the end of the day, you want to give your friend or relative a wine gift that says you took special care in selecting a gift that is just perfect for them. Finally, when choosing a wine themed gift, think outside the wine bottle and deliver a gift that is thoughtful, creative and theme-relevant.

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