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9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

The senior citizen on your shopping list might have everything he or she needs and wants, so finding a suitable gift might be a challenge. What do you give someone who has more than their fill of slippers, perfume and cologne, mugs, and golf shirts?

Below are some gift ideas for senior citizens. Some of these ideas will get you started or even inspire you to find the perfect gift for that person on your list.

1. Induction Cooktop

In the kitchen, an induction cooktop can be a lifesaver, for real. People over the age of65 have more chance to die in a kitchen fire than anyone younger. This is due to people forgetting to turn off burners or even forgetting they’re cooking something in the first place. People with a mobility issue can spill grease or food and start a fire.

An induction cooktop is a practical gift for someone since there is nothing to catch fire and no open flames. Anything that spills on the cooking surface is safe from fire since there’s no direct heating of the surface; only the pot gets hot. Another bonus is that these cooktops cook faster, saving a person in time, energy, and money.

2. Pill Organizer

One way to support the elderly in your life is to help them to take their medication every day. No, you don’t have to go to their house and administer it; instead, get a decent pill organizer.

First, find out how many pills they take and when. This will help you find a pill organizer with enough compartments. Also look for one that’s easy to open.

3. Bathtub Grips

The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house for seniors with mobility issues. Bathroom accessories like safety bars in the bathtub or shower can offer a sense of safety and security, and can prevent a nasty fall. Do make sure to offer to install the bars for the recipient.

Ones that lock over the side of the bathtub are easy to install and more secure than the ones that use suction cups for attachment.

4. Home-Cooked Meals

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal for someone who lives in an retirement facility. One way to do this is to pre-cook some meals and portion them out into freezable and heatable containers so all they have to do is heat it up to eat.

Another option is to write up a bunch of gift certificates for home-cooked meals at your house; one idea would be to offer one dinner a month for a year. You can offer to pick them up and drop them off to make it easier for them to get to you.

5. Sleep Sound Machine

One common problem among seniors is sleeping trouble. If you know your elderly loved one has problems sleeping, you might consider a sleep sound machine. One of the popular gift ideas for senior citizens, this will play calming sounds and music that will help to relax, fall asleep faster, or even just to block out distracting sounds.

6. Sun Lamp

People who stay indoors a lot don’t get much natural light, and that can interfere with a god night’s sleep, too. Another useful gift idea for senior citizens would be a light therapy lamp, or sun lamp. These mimic the brightness of the sun, which helps the body to produce vitamin D. They’re great for the winter blues

7. Memory Journal

A memory journal is a book that offers the user prompts in the form of questions to help making recording experiences and memories easy. When the journal is filled, it can be passed on to younger generations.

This gift idea allows grandparents to brag about their grandkids and kids, and to be sentimental about them. Rather than receiving a book of photos at Christmas, they’ll still receive a sentimental gift they can fill out and cherish.

8. Delivered Meals

If you don’t cook, or perhaps would rather gift something else, there’s always food delivery options like farm-fresh CSA baskets, or even food delivery services that send you the ingredients and recipes for fresh meals made at home. That saves your loved one the hassle of meal planning and shopping, and can open up some food options they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

9. Hobby Basket

Many elderly people have hobbies they’ve enjoyed for a long time, so figure out what they like and put together a nice basket filled with the hobby things they’d enjoy. If it’s fishing, get a subscription to a fishing magazine and maybe a gift card for a local fishing store, or for one online. You could also get an assortment of fishing lures and other accessories should you choose.

If your loved one likes to garden, consider a hobby basket filled with garden accessories and tools. Some things you could include might be a lightweight hose, ergonomic gardening tools, plant markers, seeds, comfortable gloves, garden clogs, and garden kneelers.

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