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6 Common Myths About Locksmiths That You Shouldn’t Believe

There always seems to be myths and misconceptions on just about everything out there. You would believe people had other important things to do than cook up falsified stories about some things that could actually be life-threatening or deal with security issues. But no. People still have the time to cook up ideas that alter how others thing or view certain things in life. Today, we mean to talk about locksmiths and some of its common myths that have made innocent people even think twice about letting them handle their doors. This article aims to debunk these myths and ease up your mind whenever you feel the need to call one to tend to your locks.

1. They are always available 24 hours a day

It would be good to have a locksmith company that is available and work round the clock day and night waiting for emergency calls that need their attention. However, this claim is only partly true as some locksmiths and locksmith companies do not offer 24-hour services. Locksmith emergencies can always happen at any time of the day or night. So, having a locksmith company that works round the clock can be a lifesaving issue and can make for a lucrative business. But there are other locksmith companies that only work from 9 to 5 o’clock during the day.

2. They do not provide estimates over the phone

Many people have also ever heard others say that locksmiths do not provide estimates over the phone. But this is not true in the slightest as many reputable locksmiths have been known to provide estimates for their services over the phone. Only the few locksmith companies that intend to overcharge you for their services will not. But you can actually get good estimates for a good locksmith service over the phone nowadays.

3. They use the same grade tools

If all locksmiths used the same grade tools to do the same job, then wouldn’t all their work be the same? But you find that this never always happens as all locksmith companies while trying to stay competitive, try to use only the best tools and equipment for their services. A good locksmith company should, therefore, have a variety of tools that work on different door locks like garage doors, vehicles, electric locking systems, personal safes, etc.

4. All locksmiths are certified professionals

This is the one belief many people have, and it usually ends up landing locksmiths in bad reps when the customers get poor work done from one locksmith. If you do your research, you will find that many states and countries don’t require locksmiths to be licensed to work. This is just one reason to make sure you research and shop for the best-qualified locksmith to get the best services. Also, look for a locksmith company that has a good history, great customer reviews, and liability insurance.

5. Locksmiths keep copies of your keys

This theory came about when people started believing that locksmiths keep copies of their customers’ keys so the next time they need copies, the locksmiths can provide the copies. There is, however, no truth to this claim as a locksmith’s work is to provide you with the service you ask for. A locksmith’s job is to make a copy of your key and give you back both copies. You can even watch the entire process. To keep your home secure, research a home security checklist to review with your local locksmith.

6. Locksmithing is easy

There is nothing easy about being a locksmith. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities, extensive training, and a lot of man hours working. So, if you thought a locksmith company was overcharging you or had overly high prices for their services, you might want to think again.

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