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5 Tips for a Comfortable Stay in a Furnished Apartment

If you are visiting a city for a short project or other assignment or you do not want to go through the tiring job of bringing your items to the town, taking up a furnished apartment is the best alternative. However, like renting a home, you need to look at different factors before renting out furnished apartments. Below are tips on finding the right apartment.

1. Start with the referrals

One of the easiest and most reliable ways of finding furnished apartments Calgary is by taking to your colleagues or friends. They might have once lived in a furnished apartment; hence they can recommend a good apartment. Referrals will give you firsthand information about the neighborhood, the quality of the house, and other intricate details that you may not find elsewhere.

2. Start by looking for amenities and other facilities near the apartment

Amenities such as a gym or recreational centers, facilities like the hospitals and schools as well as the shopping centers are essential for your stay in the town. Look for these facilities after viewing an apartment. They make your life easy especially if you are not familiar with the new place. Additionally, make sure you check at the means of transport to your school or the office. While doing so, consider if you will experience long traffic snarl-ups and the cost of transport to the workplace. That will guide you to know if renting the apartment in the place is worthwhile.

3. Renting costs

Importantly, you need to compare the costs of renting different neighborhoods. An ideal apartment should be well furnished but not very costly. You are likely to find a good deal if you look at different offers. Unless your company is paying for the apartment rents, do not spend a substantial amount of your salary with rent.

4. Talk to a real person

Most people just make a phone call and either take or reject the offer. However, online booking is only good for a night or two. If you stay in a place for over a month, consider talking to a person face-to-face. Here, you will have enough time to ask pertinent questions about the apartment such as the terms and conditions, the security of the area and reliability of the utilities, and get the right information for decision-making.

5. Inspect the apartment

If possible, visit the apartment and get around as you check out the rooms of the furnished apartment. Your gut feeling and overall feel of the place will tell you if the place is good for a temporary stay. Online photos can be deceiving, and some no-to-good areas will not make it to the advertising page of the real estate company. You may have to visit the apartment to see the area.

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