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4 Ways Seeing the Dentist Can Save Your Life

A lot of people don’t understand that dentistry is as important as regular health exams. In fact, a dentist is often the person who can catch serious issues before anyone else can. The teeth and overall health of your mouth has an enormous impact on your body. When you have things going on with your teeth, you can get sick elsewhere. When teeth hurt, you can barely function. Your dentist can catch a lot of things and you should be very thankful for them.

1. When you have a tooth killing you and your dentist won’t pull it until you’ve been on antibiotics for a week, there is an incredibly good reason

There is a pocket of infection underneath your tooth, a situation called ‘impaction’, and your tooth roots go down to your bone. By pulling a tooth, a pathway into bone tissue is opened and if there is infection present, this infection has a super-highway straight into your bone marrow and blood. Not only can you become gravely ill, you could die. Don’t be angry when your doctor of dentistry makes you wait. He or she knows that they are probably saving you a hospital visit at the very least. At the Your Smile Dental Care website, there are lots of resources available for more information.

2. A thorough mouth exam is part of your teeth getting x-rayed

Your dental clinic is the place that will often catch some of the very first signs of cancer. Mouth and throat cancer are often overlooked unless caught at a dental exam. Prompt treatment is the only way of surviving these types of cancer.

3. Gum disease that can lead to profoundly serious infections is only caught when you visit your dental hygienist or dental clinic

This is a serious issue because infections can impact internal organs. The worst infections can go septic, meaning they spread through the entire body. At this point, you may end-up hospitalized and fighting for your life. The heart, when invaded by this sort of infection, can fall into arrhythmia and stop beating, resulting in a heart-attack that can kill you. Gum disease isn’t just about the mouth.

4. Many illnesses show-up in the tissues of the mouth

A doctor of dentistry is trained to look for these symptoms of disease and illness. Knowing that you are a diabetic before you do, is the work of a dental clinic. People who are diabetic are prone to certain types of issues with their teeth and will be prone to periodontal issues that require root planning and cause the gums to recede. Only someone who is trained to watch the mouth for these signs will know them.

Go to the dentist’s office and get your teeth looked at on a regular basis. Your dental clinic can be your first line of defense and save your life one day.

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