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7 Telltale Signs of A Relationship Becoming Toxic

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7 Telltale Signs of A Relationship Becoming Toxic

Being in love is a wonderful feeling, probably the best in the world. You can recall feeling those butterflies in your stomach during those early stages of your relationship. However, relationships can be tricky, especially if you’re totally new to one. In case you feel that your relationship is going haywire, here are 7 telltale signs that your relationship is intoxicating you as well:

1. Lack Of Patience:

Probably the easiest to spot and most annoying to live with, an impatient partner is indeed the first thing that tends to make the relationship toxic overall. The impatient behavior can come disguised as mood swings or something of that sort, but you need to differentiate between the two in a better way. Visit this site to get indepth knowledge on how relationship actually works.

2. Irritability:

If whatever you say is ruining the mood of your partner, their irritability towards you is going off the charts. If your little mistakes are pissing them a lot lately, the relationship might be jeopardizing your mental well being as well. Being in a relationship where your mistakes are noticed and efforts overlooked can be quite frustrating.

3. No Small Gestures:

Small gestures matter a lot in real relationships. Couples in healthy relationships often gift each other things which might not be that significant, but to let their partners know they care. Caring is an important aspect of relationships, and absence of small gestures might be an alarm to what’s coming next.

4. Lack Of Attention:

If recalling your dating days with your partner makes you weep inside, you’re not getting the attention you deserve for putting your efforts into the relationship. There is hardly anything worse than being deprived of attention especially if you’re already in an emotionally compromised state.

5. Rude Behavior:

Rudeness can be very difficult for the soft-hearted people, for they seldom understand the concept of it. If your partner is being rude to you for no reason all the time you’re with him, confront him. Being on the receiving end all the time can be a bad thing as it boosts their confidence of intimidating you.

6. Violence:

The recovery period for an abusive relationship can be pretty long lasting. Violent relationships should be called off without any second thoughts whatsoever. Once you get used to taking all that abuse in the name of love, you might end up in a situation which will be impossible to recover from.

7. Absence At Odd Hours:

This is one of the biggest signs that your relationship is nearing its end. If you find your partner lying to you about their whereabouts at odd hours, it is more likely that they are already seeing other people to replace you with. There is nothing worse than being lied to in a relationship, especially if you’ve developed an attachment over the time period.

Relationships are the key to a happy life. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that an intoxicated version of you will be totally incapable of feeling even the slightest presence of love. This makes the situations stressful and quite frustrating. In case your relationship is showing these signs lately, we suggest you take a break or call it off completely. After all, you deserve to be in a real relationship for the efforts you put in.