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5 Reasons For Bi-Annual Dental Check-ups You Can’t Miss!

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5 Reasons For Bi-Annual Dental Check-ups You Can’t Miss!

Visiting a dentist Oshawa every six months might not sound like a very pleasurable routine to follow every year, but it should be on the priority list of any individual. Regular dental check-ups can lead to many advantages that are beyond anyone’s imagination as neglecting it can lead to high risks.

Generally, an individual is not interested in spending money just on check-ups and would only like to visit when there is enough pain. You might not realize, that there is a possibility of landing up into prolonged treatments for deep-rooted problems with a huge bill on your table. Reasons for regular check-ups:

1. Plaque, tartar, and cavities

In spite of the fact that you brush twice and floss your teeth, there are regions and spaces where the toothbrush doesn’t reach. Over a period of time, plaque builds up, it solidifies and turns into tartar. You might not recognize the problem in its initial stage, but your dentist will notice soon during check-ups. If left unchecked, tartar will erode the tooth or create holes to form cavities.

Cavities will decay the tooth and by the time you realize, the excessive damage is already caused. You can avoid all these problems if you are regular for your check-ups. Cleaning done by the professional within time will keep the pain and the damage at bay.

2. X-rays to look at undersurface problems

Many dental problems are not visible to the naked eye. Getting your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed, allows the professional to find and diagnose any underlying problem. Damage to the jaw bone, growing tooth-especially wisdom tooth, bone decay, cysts or tumors can be well judged only through x-rays. Bi-annual check-ups can save you from unknowing growing trauma.

3. Negative habits in check

Many negative habits can cause a great deal of damage to the entire dental structure. Your oral health can turn into a big issue before you even get time to realize. Smoking, chewing tobacco, biting nails, grinding teeth, clenching your jaws, drinking excessive coffee and eating hard and sticky food can create a lot of dental issues. Regular check-ups will help your professional to notice the specific cause of destruction and warn you to change your lifestyle. Within the time frame mentioned by him, your problem would be fixed without causing much damage.

4. Gum diseases

Gingivitis is a gum disease that requires a prolonged treatment. Plaque and tartar if not treated, can not only cause tooth decay but erode the gum tissues also. Once the gums start receding away from the teeth, the tissues that attach the teeth to gums tend to break, resulting in gingivitis. This all can result in loosening of teeth and finally fall out. You land up into a number of appointments, deep cleaning, medication, and surgery depending on the severity. To avoid these situations, a regular cleaning is a must.

5. Oral cancer detection


Oral cancer is very often not diagnosed at an early stage as there is no pain. But it progresses very fast and becomes threatening. Due to your regular check-ups, your dentist can notice any kind of abnormalities like lumps, swellings or even lymph nodes on your neck or jawline. And by recognizing if it is threatening, can advise a velscopecancer examination. It is a painless and invasive examination that can detect any tumor inside the mouth.

Keeping a good oral and dental hygiene is not possible without a bi-annual check-up. It is important to understand the importance of oral health as it is connected to your overall health.