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4 Common Misconceptions About Being in A Relationship

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4 Common Misconceptions About Being in A Relationship

Being in a relationship is not a joke and it shouldn’t be treated like one either. People of this generation are afraid of getting into lasting relationships and the trends are upsetting. According to a research by Hellen Chen, more than 85% of relationships end in breakups. Why are people afraid of commitment nowadays? Has the overall love quality degraded? Trust me when I say this, the internet has played a big role in this situation. There are literally millions of articles present online which create drastic misconceptions about love relationships. Young guys, after reading these pieces online, make their mind up for short time stint and this is sad.

In this article, we along with Toronto escorts, are listing out 4 of the most common misconceptions you will find about being in a relationship. Please go through them and decide whether it works for you or not:

Misconception #1: Difference in Personalities Create Troubles in Relationships

This is wrong in so many levels. You will find this kind of statements being given by so-called ‘relationship experts’ vehemently. If you think that your partner should match your personality, you are in for a ride. Having similar, or exactly same personality is actually bad for a long-term love relationship. What is the fun if both of you wanted to stay at home on weekends. The fun is there when she is a travel freak but you are not. Still, to make sure she doesn’t feel bad, you go out with her and discover a different person altogether.

Misconception #2: Having Common Hobbies Alone is Enough For a Healthy Relationship

Having common hobbies in a relationship is good but certainly not enough. In many cases, it can even weaken the relationship. Confused? Just imagine both of you are football fans and go to every match which is in your city. However, if she is a Messi fan and you are a Ronaldo fan, chances are you’d argue who’s the best at every provided chance. So, if your hobbies don’t match, you can actually be happy with each other as the chances of argument based fights are close to none.

Misconception #3: It’s Better To Avoid Argument To Save A Relationship

This one is a tricky one right here. Yes, avoiding conflicts a wise thing to do but it doesn’t work out every time. If you want to think of a long-term relationship, you need to sort things out, both mentally and verbally, with your partner. If you are avoiding to talk about certain issues just because it will lead to arguments, you are being foolish here. For short term, yes, it’ll work like a charm. But if your relationship is serious, it is advised to have full faith in your loved one and communicate where things are going south.

Misconception #4: If you are in a relationship, you are always forced to do things which you don’t want

My single friends sometimes taunt me that I have to agree with my girl everytime she asks for something. Little do they know that deep inside, I want it to happen to. Yes, the larger misconception is that people in relationships have to sacrifice a lot because of their respective partners. This is a flawed theory. People who are in relationships actually enjoy doing what their partners ask them to do. Force is a strong word but if you think that someone can force you to do things you don’t want to do, it’s not a relationship but slavery.