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How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship?

trust in long distance

Distance means so little, when someone means so much.” –Anonymous

This quote makes more sense to people who are actually trying to make things work in a long distance relationship. It’s tough, and we totally get it. The pain of not seeing them every day, especially when you’re about to shatter into a million pieces and they are trying their best to hold you together in their arms over the phone, is gut-wrenching.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that surviving a distance relationship is itself a mammoth task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are 6 tips that you can use to keep your distance relationship with your sexy companion stronger than ever:

1. Be Patient:


Patience is the key to a happy life. You need to bring in a sense of satisfaction with the things that you have at the moment. Nobody gets everything at once, and you should be focused on what’s to come rather than constantly bothering about the fun you’re missing out on because of distance. Impatience will only weaken the bond that you two share, and put further pressure on you both.

2. Video Chat:

video chat

Video calls are my favorite thing born out of the advent of technology. It is one of the gifts that has single-handedly transformed the entire scenario of distance relationships. Video chat has greatly reduced the feeling of being apart by facilitating a much better way of having a conversation with your loved one. Make sure you use this feature to the fullest, ensuring they don’t feel the slightest hint of what being lonely feels like.

3. Pay Surprise Visits:

Visiting your partner once in a while is not something we need to remind you of doing at all, but we do want to suggest you masquerade a hint of surprise to it. People in relationships go nuts over surprises, especially the ones who’ve been separated by physical boundaries.

But make sure you take a hint of how busy they’re going to be around the time you’ve planned your visit to ensure you don’t put them in a dilemma of choosing you over the career.

4. Expect Less:

long distance

It is very difficult to live up to the expectations of someone in general, leave alone for the person in a distance relationship. There’s a need for you and your partner to equally understand that your interactions are limited by distance, and there isn’t much you people can do for each other at times. Getting mad at your partner for not making your birthday as special as they made it the year before is totally unreasonable. You need to realise that they’re doing the best they can at all times.

5. Trust:

trust in long distance

Just because you’re not breathing down their neck all the livelong day doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re cheating on you. Trust is the very foundation of the relationship on which you will try building a future for yourselves, so we urge you to keep things real in this aspect. The day you two will start having trust issues being this far apart already, consider the relationship sliding into its demise.

6. Don’t Try To Dominate:

phone of lover

The urge to dominate in a relationship often takes away the fun from it. People often try to force their schedules or habits on their partners, taking away their sense of freedom either partly or completely. If you try forcing someone to be what you like, you’re indirectly asking them to stop being the person you fell in love with. Will it do any good? We leave this for you to decide.

We understand that distance has impacted your relationship in an adverse way, but we do want you to focus on the bigger picture. We want you to understand that distance is temporary, and if you power through these tough times nurturing the love that you share, the rewards will definitely be worth the suffering.

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