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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent: 6 Best Tips

Becoming a real estate agent is a rewarding and fulfilling career path with many great benefits and experiences along the way. However, in order to enjoy all the amazing things that come with being a real estate agent, you’ll need to achieve some measure of success in the field.

It isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile if you want to see your career in real estate take off – and if you want your measure of success to match your level of passion for the real estate business. In this blog post, we’ll explore the six best tips to help you understand how to become a successful real estate agent:

1. Know your level of commitment

Now might be a good time to take stock of yourself. You’re on the edge of greatness, the cusp of success…but can you see yourself making all the tough choices and working all the long hours in order to become a great real estate agent? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then congratulations! You already have one of the tools necessary to become a success in your profession.

If you’re not sure that real estate is for you, definitely take some time to think about what your goals, dreams, and plans really are. You need to be determined to really succeed in the real estate business.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time on an endeavour that isn’t actually what you want. Nobody plans to waste their life. So make sure you’re ready and willing to take on the responsibilities, work load, and triumphs of a real estate agent before you commit either way.

2. Make your presence known online

One trademark of successful real estate agents is that many of them have a thriving, growing online presence. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend all your available time roping people into following you on Instagram or liking your Facebook page.

Instead, you should spend a reasonable amount of time each day communicating with the followers you already have. Offer them links, videos, and helpful infographics that they can share with others to give your social media accounts great visibility.

Network with other real estate agents as well! Let them know that you’re out there by providing links to your online profiles and then engaging them in healthy discussions. Just remember to cut down on the amount of time you spend selling your business/services to others. Nobody wants to feel like they’re reading an advertisement when they have a conversation with you. Be helpful, polite, and maybe a little quirky and clients will find you when they need you.

3. Understand that you’ll need to put in more hours

As with many things, the more time you give to your real estate business, the more returns and rewards you’ll see coming from it. As an agent, you’ll have plenty of paperwork to take care of – sometimes it can feel neverending. In addition, you’ll need to follow up leads and referrals and meet with clients whenever and wherever necessary.

All of this can take hours out of your day and days out of your week. If you want to learn how to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be prepared to sacrifice your time in the pursuit of excellence. Not only will you have to put in more time, but your income might become irregular unless you advance your commissions for real estate sales.

4. Build your brand

If you’re an independent real estate agent, working for yourself, you’ll need to become instantly recognizable to any current or future clients. Building a brand isn’t always easy or simple, but you can reap huge benefits from it.

Start with having a great website created for you…and a great trademark design. It’s almost impossible to build a professional brand without some kind of logo, so hire a designer. Then incorporate the logo everywhere: website, letterheads, social media.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have two or three unique colors associated with your real estate company. Select a few shades that go well together and then utilize them on your website, social media, and even in your office design.

5. Strive for a personal connection with your clientele

Nothing gives people warm feelings toward you, as a real estate agent, than you. By being personable, polite, helpful, and capable, you can foster great relationships between youreself and your clients.

After helping them initially, send them Christmas and/or birthday cards and make follow-up calls every year or two to see if they require your services again. You can also hand out pens, calendars, and other free swag to potential clients. Everyone loves complimentary gifts!

6. Continue to learn

There’s always something new to learn about the real estate business and you should never stop asking questions of other, more experienced agents. We can all learn from each other.

Never be afraid to ask for advice or take criticism. Keep your mind open to new techniques and tactics. Listen to your clients. And remember that one day, when you’re a successful real estate agent, you’ll be able to help others the way people once helped you.

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