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Four Things That You Should Move on Your Own

If you are like many others who are planning a relocation, you may intend for your mover team to do the bulk of the work on moving day. Moving specialists have the equipment, skills and strength necessary to quickly and carefully load and unload the moving truck. This can save you a considerable amount of energy and reduce your stress level dramatically. While you may intend for the movers to handle most of your items, there are a few items that you should pack into your car on your own before the movers arrive.

1. An Overnight Bag

Hudson movers will quickly empty your house of its contents, and they will unload everything from the truck in your new home without delay. After they leave your new house, you will have stacks of boxes in every room as well as furniture that needs to be assembled and appliances that need to be connected. It can reasonably take you several full days of exhausting effort to put your new home together. Packing an overnight bag ensures that you have extra clothes, hygiene items and other essentials that are needed during this transition time.

2. Bed Linens

Even if your bed has not been properly assembled by the time when you go to bed the night of your move, you can place bed linens on the mattress on the floor to sleep comfortably. Without bed linens, you may find it uncomfortable to sleep that first night in your new house. This can be challenging because you may be exhausted from a hard day of moving.

3. Essentials for the Kids

If you have younger kids, you need to keep a box or bag with their personal items within arm’s reach. This may include their favorite toys, bottles, snacks, diapers and other items. Keep in mind that putting together the kids’ rooms may be the first thing that you need to do when you arrive. This may be followed by the bathrooms and the kitchen.

4. A Cooler

Unless you plan to head immediately to the grocery store when you arrive at your new home, packing a large cooler that contains all of your cold items is important. This cooler should be unpacked as soon as you arrive. In addition to protecting the quality of your food, it also gives you and your family at least a few food and drink items to enjoy while you unpack. You can also keep a box of your most reached-for pantry foods in a box in the car for added benefit.

While you want your movers to do as much of the work as possible for you, there are some things that you should do on you own for a more streamlined experience. Put these tips into action to enjoy a smoother relocation experience.

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