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8 Types of Supplies and Items Needed for Camping Trips

Do you love getting outside and enjoying all the outdoors has to offer on a regular basis? If so, you may want to schedule one or more camping trips to enjoy in your future. Taking time to go camping can allow you to reconnect with nature and feel your best.

Fortunately, there are many items on the market that will make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are planning a camping excursion in the future, here are some important supplies and items needed for camping trips:

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8 Best Italian Meals to Eat for Dinner

If you want to add some spice to your life, it could be time to add Italian cuisine to your day. This type of food offers a rich and luxurious flavour that you can’t find in many other dishes. Since Italian foods are known for their authentic flavours, it’s highly likely that any dish you eat will have your taste buds singing.

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How to Drink White Wine: A Tutorial for Wine Beginners

If you already love white wine, you probably don’t need much in the way on convincing when it comes continuing your habit.

But what if you could make the experience of drinking white wine even more enjoyable? The truth is that, even after you’ve selected a great bottle, there are still a few steps that need to go into a truly memorable white wine drinking experience. Here a few tips to make sure you enjoy your wine to the fullest and get the most out of every sip.

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4 Worst Color Combinations for Paint (Don’t Use These Colors!)

Painting your home can be a lot of hard work, it can also be fun. The time you spend choosing colours for each room can be a bonding experience for the family. Once the job is completed, you will feel like you have a new home.

Choosing what colour to paint each room is the first hurdle that you will have to get over. This is something that you may think is easy, until you look at just how many shades of beige there are. When you entered the home improvement store you probably didn’t imagine yourself creating a shortlist of Camel Hair, Gobi Dunes, and Cotton Duck. Yes, those are all real paint colours!

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5 Tips You Should Consider When Buying a Real Estate Software for Your Business

There are many companies selling real estate software in the industry. Most of these companies are constantly reminding you that their real estate software is the best for your business. With these load of information, it is easier for you to get confused on which real estate CRM fits your business needs. The success of your business is tied to how well you manage your operations. These Real Estate CRM tips will help you to get the best software that addresses the needs of your business.

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4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You Home During Showings

You’re the homeowner. You’ve lived in your home for years. If anyone know about your home, it’s you. In your opinion, you’re the perfect person to give a tour of your home, pointing out all its great features. But in almost every case, the real estate agent insists that the homeowner not be present during the showings. Why is that? There are very good reasons why your real estate agent doesn’t want you home during showings.

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7 Creative Promo Products to Give Away at a Tradeshow

If you are looking to make a marketing impact at a tradeshow, you need creative promotional products. It is possible to think of a trade show as an outdated marketing strategy. The reality is that trade shows are some of the most effective ways of showcasing your products. The size of your company should not hinder you from participating in a tradeshow. Whether small or big, participating in a tradeshow will help you connect with new clients while endearing yourself to existing ones.

Developing creative promo products that leave a lasting impression on your clients can be challenging but doable. Here are five product ideas that can help you create an enduring impression among your clients.

1. USB Chargers

Branded USB Charges may not be cheap, but their value to the people attending a trade show is great and immediate. Everyone in the show will most likely have a device that will need a USB charger. To communicate with home and elsewhere, people need USB chargers to recharge their phone batteries. Giving out branded USB chargers as promo products would, therefore, have an instant impact likely to last a long time.

2. Smartphone Wallets

Smartphone wallets are wonder items in trade promotions. They are cheaper to produce than the branded USB chargers, but they have few rivals among promo products in leaving lasting impressions. Their value and impact are immediate. Besides securing the user’s mobile phone, smartphone wallets are ideal for storing cards, ID and other personal documents. They eliminate the need for carrying an extra wallet, one for a smartphone; and another for the other items.

3. Sunscreen

Branded packets of sunscreen make impressive promo products. They give clients the impression that you have their best interests at heart. Not a bad compliment! This is a must-have item, especially when holding outdoor events during summer.

4. Sunglasses

Protecting the eyes is as important as protecting your skin during sunny outdoor trade campaigns. Customers will find branded sunglasses impossible to pass up. As they wear them, they take your business with them, sometimes to places you could not have otherwise reached, and to audiences far removed from the promotional event.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Giving out re-usable bottles sends a message of a company that is eco-friendly. This is an important attribute in today’s climate-change-sensitive world. As people become thirsty during a trade show, they will need to drink water. Branded re-usable bottles take your brand into your customer’s house, and wherever else they go. More information can be found on the Brandability website.

6. Digital Downloads

A digital gift can be a good break from all the other promo products offered at a trade show. It is simple and light; in fact, weightless. Provide clients with a link to your online store from where they can access an exclusive discount with their first purchase. Scanned codes saved in a customer’s phone could lead to an instant sale.

7. Breath Mints

Breath mints are irresistible during long working hours. People attending a trade show will appreciate your branded breath mints’ ability to promote conversations without the embarrassing bad breath. Talk of giving potential customers a fresh breath of air, literally.

Besides carrying your brand and message beyond the event, promotional products at a trade show must combine usability and visibility. They will receive greater visibility and use if they add value to a client.

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5 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products

Promotional items have been used for decades to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. However, traditional advertising methods are becoming outdated. Instead of simply adding a company name and logo to a pen or calendar, the following options provide more creative ways to use promotional products.

1. Promote a Mobile Application

Promotional items may be used to promote a mobile application. Branded candy, pens, notepads, and various paper products can easily contain a link or name of a mobile app.

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy. They prefer using their smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers and laptops.

Getting potential customers to download and install a mobile app provides an additional point of contact, helping to increase sales leads and customer acquisition.

2. Promote a Product Landing Page

Instead of displaying the homepage URL of a business website, companies may choose to promote a specific product. The URL can point to the landing page for the product, allowing customers to instantly find more information.

When using a URL on promotional products, it is important to use URLs that are likely to remain in use for many years. The promotional item becomes useless if the advertised URL is no longer up.

If the web page is taken down, the website administrator should create a redirect to a relevant page, such as the updated product page or the homepage for the business. Please visit Brandability for more information.

3. Promote a Social Media Account

Along with a website and landing pages, most businesses have social media accounts. In fact, social media marketing is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Businesses can use social media platforms to connect with their customers. They can answer questions and address customer service issues.

Promotional items provide a way to remind customers about these social media accounts. Businesses can include their Twitter handle or Facebook account on promotional merchandise to gain more followers and increase their online exposure.

4. Add QR Codes to Promotional Items

QR codes are scannable links. When a person scans the QR code with their smartphone or tablet, they are instantly directly to the linked URL. This provides a modern way to include a link on promotional merchandise that appeals to the younger generations.

Any business can create a QR code to direct to any URL. It is also possible to change the destination URL later.

If the current URL gets taken down, it is easy to add a replacement URL, allowing the QR code to continue directing people to a specific page instead of “page not found” error page.

5. Choose Promotional Items That Last

No matter what a business decides to promote, they should choose promotional merchandise with a long shelf life. Food and clothing are items that do not last long. Food gets eaten and clothing may be discarded. However, pens, magnets, water bottles, and other useful items are kept for a longer period.

When people hold onto these promotional items, the advertising continues to work. People are continually reminded of the business or their products and services.