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9 Deck Design Ideas for Summer Backyard Renovations

Having the right type of deck can make or break your outdoor space. A good deck will help you bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor living areas. Decks don’t have to be a boring rectangle that serves no purpose. Check out the following 8 deck design ideas you can use to enhance your backyard!

1. Take Advantage Of Your Landscape

Natural decks work especially well if you have trees surrounding your backyard as the color and shape of the deck provides balance. Using wood with rich colors is an excellent way to accentuate the naturally occurring colors that exist in your yard. With this type of deck, you can mix and match wood grains and color stains to compliment the design of your home. If you have a tight budget, sticking to this simple deck design idea can help you save money while still creating an inviting place to hang out.

2. Log Style Retreat

Wood has a lot of natural shapes and colors you can use to your advantage when landscaping your yard. In addition to wooden planks, you can also use wooden logs to add an overhead section to your deck. The logs help create a cabin type atmosphere which helps your backyard feel like the perfect outdoor retreat. You can use logs to frame your deck which will complement the wooden panels throughout the rest of the deck and the roof.

3. Poolside

If you have a pool, using it as a focal point for your deck works extremely well. With bright blue water, you have the opportunity to use contrasting colors to your advantage. Building a deck around your pool is an excellent alternative to otherwise boring patio tiles or concrete. There are many natural wood tones that work extremely well to contrast the bright blue pool water and the lush green of your grass. Because you can also stain your deck different colors, you won’t be locked into one design for years and years.

4. Exterior Living Room

Finding ways to extend your indoor living space will quickly boost the overall value of your home. If your home sits above the ground, you can use stairs to provide a gradual descent into your garden. If you have the room, using a wraparound effect and two sets of stairs will help the upper level of your deck feel like an extension of your living room. This design is perfect for adding a covered dining area and a fire pit on one of the open levels. With this design, you’ll also have extra storage space under the deck.

5. Garden Deck

Even if with a small backyard, you can use your garden to blend in with your deck design. Garden deck designs are perfect for people who spend a lot of time tending to their flowers or vegetable garden. You can use hanging flower pots and the natural colors of your garden to blend in with your deck design. With a small backyard, you can keep your deck low to the ground and use woodchips to transition from your deck to your flower beds.

6. Privacy And Peace

If you live in the city, your backyard doesn’t have to be limited by the proximity of your neighbors. Combining both raised and ground decking is a great way to create the illusion of depth, which helps with privacy. Using an umbrella to cover your seating area will help protect you from the sun and from the prying eyes of others. You can accentuate this type of deck with climbing plants and a privacy fence which will help reduce intrusions.

7. Create An Outpost

Anytime you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall; it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when everything is soggy and wet. Instead of having to wait until everything drys out, you can use a deck to create an outpost in an otherwise soggy mess. Decks are set higher than patios which prevent puddles from forming. Using a deck to your advantage will help you enjoy your yard earlier in the year, and you won’t have to worry about rain ruining your plans.

8. Tree Hugging Deck

Tree hugging decks are one of the best deck design ideas for those who want to integrate their yard with their outdoor living space. Tree hugging decks are custom fitted around a tree which will prevent the tree from getting in the way of your landscaping plans. If you have a large tree in your backyard that you don’t want to get rid of, this type of deck is a great option.

9. Layered Deck

Adding multiple layers or levels to your deck is visually appealing and can be quite useful. If you have extra space, you can dedicate each level to something different such as cooking, relaxing or an area for the firepit. Layered deck designs also work well in small urban settings where you don’t have much room to spread out.

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