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7 Essential Items In Your Office Supplies Checklist

Whether you are a spearheading a new start-up, or you are simply moving into a new space, office supplies are essential. They are generally viewed as the bread and butter of any relevant workspace. From the drawer holding your pens, to the required chair, to even the trash bin, you’ll need to meticulously think about what you require in your office supplies checklist.

Thankfully, there is never a shortage of guidance around, pointing you in the right direction to what you need. If you are having trouble about deciding what is needed for your particular office space, you can put your fears to rest. Here are the most essential items to include in your office supplies checklist:

1. Office Desk

All office supplies checklist should include a trusty and reliable desk. Probably the most important component of your office layout, the desk is where all relevant work is conducted. The best part about modern-day furniture is that you are not physically beholden to the archaic design of the typical desk either. Advancements in design have allowed our bodies to feel more comfortable while working at a desk of your choice.

For a relatively affordable price, you can get a desk that adjusts itself for sitting or standing. In addition, having enough space on the desk is a necessary aspect to consider when choosing this piece of furniture. With a myriad of choices available, you will eventually be able to determine which one is best suited for your office space.

2. Office Chair

The office chair is just as vital to your office supplies checklist as the desk is. When deciding which chair to purchase, you’ll want to ensure that it is ergonomically-viable to your body. This entails taking into consideration your comfort; you don’t want your back to be aching after a long day of sitting.

Being comfortable while sitting down has been known to contribute to a better productivity rate while working. In addition to your back being properly aligned, a good office chair will offer support for your shoulders as well. Check your local office supply store if you need assistance in finding that perfect, ergonomically-designed chair.

3. Office Storage

After deciding on a suitable desk and chair, you should complete the Holy Trinity of this office supply checklist by obtaining proper storage. Most office spaces will usually have an abundance of materials scattered around the layout. That is why, when work inevitably gets hectic, having the appropriate office equipment for storage will put your mind at ease.

Consider purchasing an ancillary cabinet that will hold all requisite documents and folders. For smaller desk supplies, having the right desk with proper drawers will do wonders for organization. The choice is really yours depending on how much storage you need; take note of your items and purchase the required storage accordingly!

4. Miscellaneous Desk Supplies

Speaking of what is needed for your desk, no office space is complete without specific materials. From pens, to markers, to paper clips, these are all essentials that are needed for the typical business day. They are relatively inexpensive as well, so you can purchase them in bulk if needed. When your blue pen inevitably goes missing, you’ll always have backups ready!

5. Mail Supplies

The standard business will have to consider the mailing process at some point. If your start-up is online, for example, shipping supplies are essential to the business. So, you’ll have to become accustomed to what materials and items are needed.

You’ll first probably have to get your hands on some envelopes, before moving to obtain supplementary items such as boxes or postage stamps. Depending on how often you mail out items for your business, having these supplies on hand will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible when needed.

6. Paper Supplies

Paper goods are another component of the office that you will have to include in your office supplies checklist. For example, having enough white papers for printing documents and colored sticky notes around are often necessary. Most offices will always have papered goods on hand in varying quantities, so ensure that you stock up for your respective office.

7. Safety Items

If you are working in a physical space, you are required by law to have certain supplies. For example, having a first-aid kit nearby is necessary if one of your workers experiences a dire situation. Other items, such as a fire extinguisher, are also required to complete the office checklist. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but being prepared will always prevent emergencies!

The office is a space that cannot be completed without the necessary supplies. Making sure that you have the right materials will guarantee that you can work at a desired, productive rate. If you ever feel like you are lacking a specific material, visit your local supply shop. Most representatives are equipped with the knowledge to lead you to what is needed for your office!

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