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7 Best Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

When the weather gets nice and the sun’s warmth draws us outdoors, we start thinking about improving our homes. There are so many projects to choose from, so it’s not a question of if you should do a renovation but what renovation you should do first.

Are you having trouble deciding which house project to tackle? Here are seven home renovation ideas for summer.

Idea #1: Build a new deck

Decks are one of the most popular home renovation projects, and for a good reason; they give you more living space. It’s a great way to entertain outside, and it enhances the look and feel of your backyard. It also raises the value of your home.

Building a deck takes some knowledge, but you can easily make it yourself. All the material you need is at your local home improvement store, and it can be built over a weekend. Pressure-treated wood is the most popular, but composite or PVC material can also be used for a longer-lasting finish.

Ultimately, the whole family will love a new deck for sunbathing, BBQing and relaxing with a good book.

Idea #2: Kitchen update

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and they can take a beating. If your appliances and cabinets are a little worse for wear, why not update the whole kitchen?

This job can be done in bite-sized pieces, so you don’t take a huge financial hit all at once. You can start with new appliances and add some paint to the cupboard doors. A new countertop and backsplash make a dramatic change, and you will love the results when you are done. Kitchens sell homes, so it is a good investment for sure.

Idea #3: Remodel the ensuite bathroom

Do you dream of a relaxing spa in your own home? Then turn your boring ensuite into a lavish oasis. This renovation may need some skilled workers if you change the plumbing, but there is so much you can upgrade in your master bedroom water closet.

If you like baths, put in a free-standing tub with ornate fixtures. Design a custom shower with a rainfall showerhead or take it up a notch with steam. Double sinks and an infrared sauna will complete the spa experience if you have the room and if not, make the room by pushing out the wall for a total master suite addition.

Idea #4: Landscaping

Most backyards never live up to their potential, but you can take on the challenge for your summer reno. Split your backyard up into zones and let your green thumb shine.

Start with some raised garden beds so your homegrown veggies have an orderly place to live. Plant fruit trees or berry plants for fresh fruit, and add flowers and shrubs to your landscaping design.

A fire pit is always a family favourite for relaxing as the night fades away. Make your backyard secluded with a new fence to conceal your landscape paradise and enjoy the outdoors all summer long.

Idea #5: New flat roof

A typical roof can last up to 30 years, but depending on the age of your house, it may need a do-over. If you want to put a new roof on, why not convert it to a flat roof?

A flat roof looks modern, and it is a commercial design that stands out from the rest of the tired homes in the neighbourhood. It’s easy to construct and durable, especially in severe weather. It just looks cool too. The finishing material is different than a regular pitched roof, and it is easy and affordable to repair.

If you are looking for a renovation facelift that will give your house an architectural flare, contact a flat roofing company.

Idea #6: Upgrade windows

For a 100 percent ROI, consider installing new windows in your home. It is a big project but will dramatically change the energy efficiency in your home. New windows reduce street noise and keep hot and cold air in when you want it.

Unless you are changing the size of the opening, you may not even need a permit to do it. If you have an older home, switching to double pane windows is a smart renovation.

Idea #7: Air cooling system

The summer months remind you how hot it can get in your home. You can make several strategic installations to cool your home down and keep everyone happy.

Putting an AC unit into the home makes sense, and you could tie it into your existing ductwork with a central air conditioner. This cools all rooms at once. Ductless mini-splits and heat pump also work to heat and cool but don’t require ductwork. Installing fans in high-use rooms will also contribute to the cooling system by moving air around and giving you the wind chill effect.

Summer is a time when renovation projects just make sense. These upgrades will greatly benefit when it comes time to sell and give the new homeowners more enjoyment. Use these renovation ideas to make dramatic changes to your home and enjoy the results with family and friends.

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