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5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Health

Injuries and accidents occur very quickly and to ensure that you heal the best that you can, you will want to make sure that you get the right medical care. One of the best ways to ensure that you get that is to see an expert in physiotherapy. While many people are not familiar with the benefits of this type of treatment, this is an amazing way to ensure that you are able to recover from your injury or accident.

1. Improve Range of Motion

A limited range of motion can result because of tight joints and muscles. Unfortunately, this often leads to problems with normal activities including reaching above your head and climbing stairs, but with proper stretching and help from a professional you will soon enjoy a greater range of motion. Stretching out scar tissue ensures that its formation does not impede your rehabilitation. Without a large range of motion, you are going to be unable to participate in normal and everyday tasks and may find that movements are painful and difficult.

2. Decrease Swelling

Swelling is natural, but it can impede blood flow and make it difficult for you to easily move and contract your muscles. Understanding how to apply both heat and ice will ensure that you treat your injury correctly and lower your risk of swelling. Additionally, understanding why your body suffers from inflammation and swelling, and the signs to watch for that you are going to have a swelling problem, will allow you to begin treatment right away.

3. Electrical Stimulation Can Increase Blood Flow

Using electrical stimulation is a wonderful way to increase blood flow to an area and improve muscle tone and ability. This type of therapy can actually reduce pain in the body and ensure that patients are able to move freely after an accident. It’s important that you only see an expert who can provide you with this sort of treatment, as it is a very powerful option for care and needs to be performed carefully and expertly.

4. Decrease Chance of Future Injuries

Unfortunately, after an injury, especially one due to playing sports, it is very normal to suffer from repeat injuries again in the future. Physiotherapy is incredibly useful in helping patients understand how to avoid injury so that they can prevent future problems. Understanding how to move your body, how to warm up and cool down, and what searches to do, will decrease the likelihood that you are injured again in the future.

5. Help Treat COPD

COPD is a very dangerous respiratory problem that has a high mortality rate if it is not treated correctly and by a professional. If you want to decrease the symptoms that you have from COPD and ensure that you are able to live a happy and active life, then physiotherapy may be a great choice for you. You’ll be able to decrease the severity of your COPD, increase your endurance for exercise, and improve your muscle strength, as well as muscle function. Find more online resources at the Dr Keogh Physiotherapy Clinic website.

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