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5 Tips to Save on Moving Costs

Moving to a new apartment, office or home can cost you time, efforts and money. You want to reduce your moving expenses, but the question for most people is how they can do that. With a good mover by your side, you are guaranteed of saving costs for your move. However, most movers rarely offer incentives and coupons; thus, you have the role of finding discounts to make your moving affordable.

1. Plan ahead

One of the things that make moving expensive is a failure to plan. Therefore, you want to make the moving process affordable by planning and avoiding a last-minute rush. Give yourself a planning period of at least 30 days so that you save on moving costs. Last-minute rushes narrow down your choice of movers, and they render high moving quotes, which make a move costly.

2. Pick the right time

Most movers are usually busy during the end and start of the month and weekends and holidays. Therefore, you need to consider scheduling your move during less-busy days and weekdays so that you enjoy better deals than other times. Also, some seasons of the year are busier than others. Consequently, consider moving during slow seasons like in October through May. Summer months are well-known to record high numbers of moves; thus movers charge high costs to relocate.

3. Recycle boxes

One of the things that result in high moving costs is boxes and moving containers. You can reduce your moving costs by recycling boxes. You can borrow boxes from your friends or neighbors, apparel stores, or local grocery stores. You can also cut on moving expenses by using alternative packing materials in your home like blankets to protect pictures and mirrors. However, make sure you clean the elements so that you protect your belongings. If you would like more information, Hudson Movers has additional resources available.

4. De-clutter and organize

It is vital to get rid of items you no longer need so that you don’t bring along unnecessary things to your new home. You can de-clutter by having a garage sale, selling old books, electronics, and old games, and selling your items online. You can use money from the sale to cater for your moving costs. Also, de-cluttering reduces the volume of items being transported as your relocate, which significantly reduces moving costs. Most movers will give you an estimated moving cost by considering the number of things being carried or the volume of your belongings.

5. Negotiate to save money

You save on costs on several things by negotiating, and moving is not an exception. You should start by hiring an affordable mover and avoid movers who are not within your budget. Also, make sure you negotiate with the moving company so that you get moving services without breaking the bank. Most moving companies allow for negotiations with their clients so that they can save on moving costs.

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