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4 Important Questions To Ask Before Arranging a Limousine Rental

There are all sorts of reasons to look into arranging a limousine rental. Perhaps your teenager is attending a prom. Perhaps you plan on proposing to that special someone. Maybe you have an important client visiting and want to provide luxury transportation to and from the airport. Whatever the occasion, it pays to ask these questions. Doing so ensures the rental will be exactly what you want.

1. What Size of Limo Do I Need?

The reason for arranging the rental provides insight into the size of limo that you need. When the plan is to arrange transportation for one or two people, luxury or stretch sedans will do nicely. When you’re going to a celebration with one or two other couples, a six or eight-passenger stretch limo is a good idea. You can also arrange for super stretch limos or even stretch SUV’s when you need room for more than ten people.

Remember that room is a big part of securing comfortable transportation. A good rule of thumb is to plan on enough room to accommodate at least two more people than you plan on including. This ensures everyone does have enough space without anyone feeling a bit cramped. Visit www.yorkvilletorontolimo.com and learn more from their online resources.

2. What Is And Is Not Included In The Rental Rate?

When you’re working out the details for a limousine rental, you want to get a bottom-line figure that’s sometimes referred to as the total fare. In order to arrive at this figure, you need to know more than the rate per hour.

Specifically ask about charges like waiting time, fuel surcharges, the inclusion of beverages or food, toll charges, and any special arrangements that you want to include in the rental. If there’s a fee or charge, you want to know about it before booking the reservation. It also helps to inquire about taxes, since they are typically above and beyond the total fare figure that’s quoted.

3. What’s The Minimum Booking Hours That I Can Get?

Just about any limo service will have a minimum booking hours threshold. That’s the minimum amount of time that you’ll need to pay in order to make the reservation. For example, the minimum booking may be three hours. Even if you only need the limo for a couple of hours, you’ll still pay for three.

Remember that the minimum booking hours may change based on the time of year or the type of event you have in mind. For example, it may be a three hour minimum for trips to and from an airport, but a five hour minimum for transportation to and from a prom.

4. What Should I Know About Gratuities?

Different limousine services have varying approaches to tipping drivers. Some will include a fixed gratuity in the all-inclusive quote that you receive. Others will leave it to your discretion. When it’s up to you to settle on a tip, the current standard is 20% of the total cost. Remember that if you believe the driver went out of his or her way to take care of you, a larger tip is always appreciated.

Setting up a limousine rental should not be difficult. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with a service provider who genuinely cares about their customers. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind and listen closely to the answers. Doing so will ensure that your rental includes everything that you want and there is no miscommunication about price or other factors.

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