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4 Faux-Pas to Avoid When Giving Away Promotional Products

Promotional products are a vital tool for marketing and promoting your brand. Asides from that, they are useable items that your customers will appreciate. However, there are times when sharing promo products can negatively impact your brand. Here are some of the promo faux pas to avoid.

1. Gifting the Wrong Items

Prior to choosing promotional products, you need to consider some factors. The truth is every individual has their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to gift items. For this reason, it’s wise to base your selection of promotional items on the demographics of your target audience.

Oftentimes, you may need to select three or more different gift items to meet the varying desires of your clients and prospects. In most cases, it is ideal to choose gifts that are gender-specific and sometimes age appropriate. For example, if you’re considering giving away customized t-shirts, it is wise to have a variety of shirt styles and designs that are gender specific.

Giving away the wrong gift item is not only a waste of money, but you are indirectly telling your customers that you know little about them. Not all promotional products will appeal to every single customer, but making the right choice for the majority will lead to better results.

2. Purchasing Cheap Promotional Products

What could be worse than giving away cheap gifts to your clients? The majority of these items are either less functional or don’t last long. Many customers see cheap promotional products as an insult; it shows that you don’t value them as much. Not only that, this practice makes you look cheap and this may adversely affect the image of your brand.

If you want to show appreciation to your customers for their loyalty, don’t skimp. Give them high-quality and exceptional promotional products. Find more available resources at the Brandability website.

3. Choosing Unusable Promotional Items

Unfortunately, many companies give away products that offer little to no use to their audiences. When choosing promo items, think of something that your customers will hold in high esteem. Gift items that are not only relevant but also purposeful. The primary essence of promotional products is to get more exposure, hence you should consider items with a purpose, so people will wear and use your items out in public.

4. Ordering Too Few Items

Whether you’re trying to stay under budget or you just under-anticipated your needs, it’s a big mistake to order too few promotional products. Your clients will be disappointed if all their colleagues at an event were able to get a promo item from your booth but they couldn’t get any because you ran out. Before making an order, ensure you know your numbers, and remember to always order more than you anticipate needing—just in case.

You work hard to gain the trust of your clients. Don’t damage your reputation by giving away the wrong promo product or sharing with them cheap or unusable items. To achieve your marketing and branding goals, give away relevant and useful promotional products your audience will love.

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