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12 Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas and Styles

Whether you want a complete makeover or a quick refresh of your living room, there are many modern living room furniture ideas you can implement. They’ll help you create a clean, fresh, and modern-looking living room your guests will rave about. Before implementing any of these ideas, always consider the size and location of your living room.

Here are 12 modern living room furniture ideas:

1. Centerpiece Coffee Tables


By utilizing an exquisite coffee table, you can give the furniture arrangement of your living room an inclusive, pleasant feel. An example of a coffee table that would work as a great centrepiece is one surrounded or framed with fabric. Such a table provides a seamless continuation of your chairs’ texture.

2. Stylish Side Tables

You may want to go for side tables featuring decorative artworks than practical furniture pieces. Side tables play a significant role in the interior design of modern living rooms. They allow you to add an ideal and beautiful focal point. An excellent example of a stylish side table is one made from ebonized oak and features mirrors.

3. Sumptuous Sofas

When brainstorming furniture ideas for your living room, think carefully about the type of sofas you want. First, ensure you go for sofas with enough seating space. Second, make sure the sofa size corresponds with the size of your living room. It is also a good idea to match the fabric, style and colour with the rest of your living room décor.

If possible, place the sofas at the center of the room to create a warm, inviting feel. You could also decide to make a bold design statement by going for a dominant accent colour for the sofa fabric to create a strong focal point.

4. Be Bold With Cushions

Cushions can complete a room. They add personality and depth to it. Cushions make the interior of your living room sing! Utilize robust colours and patterned fabrics to give the room decorative accents that contrast the sofa fabric. The goal should not be to blend in. Cushion size is another consideration. Small ones may look lost on large sofas, while oversized cushions will dominate a small sofa.

5. Accessorize for Elegance

Accessories are essential in modern living room designs. Although it is crucial to avoid over-accessorizing your living space, you should not forget to style the key furniture pieces. Accessories add style and oomph to your design.

6. Impress with Wallpaper

Wallpapers can easily set the tone of a room. They are a definite ‘must’ when considering modern living room furniture ideas. They are a great way of establishing a focal point in the room. You can have a wallpaper with a distinctive pattern or a strong accent colour, which works well should you want to emphasize a piece of artwork or a fireplace.

7. Striking Statement Chairs

You can utilize a statement chair to make a memorable impact on your design. Position a single chair in the lounge area, preferably one that features a colour that contrasts the rest of the seats. You can then go ahead and powerfully punctuate the chair with an accent colour of your choice. This will give your living room a distinct finished feel.

You could also use a unique chair such as a chaise longue. It will stand out from the rest of the design and create an interesting visual effect. Keep in mind that the furniture doesn’t have to be new, since you can add a vintage chic to your living room with gently used furniture instead.

8. Use Artwork

People tend to overlook the use of artwork when considering modern living room furniture ideas. The artwork you use can define your interior style. So, select pieces that will enhance the overall design. You can go for artwork with complementary colours, or use contrasting ones to add a dramatic effect.

9. Curtains with Character

You can use curtains to make a modern statement style for your living room. Curtains add a stunning accent to your living room’s design and give it your taste and class. With the right curtains, they can vary texture to your room by adding an accent colour. Premium quality curtains make your living room feel comfortable and create an intimate atmosphere.

10. Stylish Stools

The good thing with stools is that they can be both stylish and practical. Footstools can give a room an inclusive, welcoming feel. You either match or contrast them with the sofa fabric.

11. Mirrors as Art

Not only do mirrors have the ability to give a room the element of opulence and glamour, but they can also amplify the space of a room. Traditionally, they served functional purposes, but today, they are also pieces of art.

12. Enliven with Floral

You can brighten up the interior of your living room by using floral displays. Infusing your design with the vitality of nature adds a touch of elegance and luxury.

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